Results for the May 4th Giro de Eminence

04 May 2014 9:40 PM | John & Susan Pyron (Administrator)

Results for Stage 5

Giro de Eminence

Bonus drawing: Men 220+ and Women 170+ e-mail me if you qualify for this bonus.

Stage winner: Steve Meredith 5:07 – solo finisher (5:05 bonus)

Michael’s Mangled Masses 5:09

Michael Crawford

Amelia Dauer

Susan Pyron

John Pyron

Steve Montgomery

Larry Preble

Nita Bernat

Mark Rougeux

Hoosier Chrome: 5:09

Jim Moore

Mike Jenkins

Steven Dunsford

Bob Grable

Joe Lobred

Karl Schmitz

DUN!: 5:10

Troy Wright

Jody Patterson (5:09)-rc

Steve Maurer (5:09)-rc

Ted King

Lise Andreason

Team of 4: 5:11

Thomas Nance (5:09) - bonus

Mike Fredell

Dustin Tinnell

Mike Kamenish

The Forgotton: 5:11

Gail Blevins

Jeff White

Dave Ingram

David King

Team of 3: 5:12

Mark Zaccone

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Tim Chilton

Sleepy and Dopey 5:14

Mike Barr

Jason Seiber

Team of 2: 5:14

Melissa Hall

Paul Battle


Ache'n from Aiken 5:14

Kirk Roggenkamp

Cathy Hill

Solo finisher 5:17

Perry Finley

Steve Royse - DNF

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