Sunday 70 Mile Route from Comfort Inn in Corydon to Salem and Back will not be swept.

07 Jul 2012 8:47 PM | Charlie Drexler

With the forecast still showing very high temperatures thru Sunday. I no longer plan to do the full 70 mile option out to Salem and then back to Corydon for the Morgain's Raid tour on Sunday. I plan on only riding from the Comfort Inn to Palmyra and back which will be about 35 miles. Therefore, I will not be able to sweep the full 70 mile out to Salem and back on Sunday. I will still have sign in sheets and cue sheets for those that want to do the 70 mile out and back option on Sunday. However, if you choose the 70 mile out and back option on Sunday, this route will not be swept.

Charlie Drexler


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