Floyds Fork Park closed--North Beckley Creek Park officially opened.

10 Nov 2012 4:48 PM | Jim & Barbara Tretter

There's been a lot of construction at Floyds Fork Park for the past few weeks.  The S. Pope Lick Rd access from Taylorsville Rd (near the train tressle) behind Hatmakers Service Station is totally closed as they completely rework the road so the only park entrance is from the east.  When I went by there today the park entrance road was closed.  If there is a bike ride scheduled at Floyds Fork Park and it is closed, meet at the Canoe Launch (20 parking spaces) on Old Taylorsville Rd (1/2 mile east of the park) where it goes under Hwy 155 to Taylorsville. 

The city officially opened North Beckley Creek Park on Saturday, 11/10/12.  This was formerly the sod farm at the intersection of S. Beckley Station at the bottom of Wibble Hill.   A new road in the park for cars, bikes and pedestrians that goes under I-64 along Floyds Fork Creek connects to Miles Park, whose main entrance is off Shelbyville Rd just east and across from Valhalla Golf Club.  This 2-3 mile section of the Louisville Loop is worth a trip, I suggest viewing it by bike or on foot.  Floyds Fork Creek never looked more beautiful.  A bridge on the south side of North Beckley Creek Park will eventually connect to Floyds Fork Park.

Jim Tretter 


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