Kurtz Century

19 Aug 2013 7:13 PM | Melissa Hall
The 59 Cafe located in Kurtz is no longer open.  Since the century was already on the LBC schedule, I have revised the route to go to Norman, a town the Kurtz Century went through.  The route is much the same with an added loop to make up enough miles to make a century, or close to it.   This means there will be a few roads that I have not ridden on before.  Gravel, dogs, traffic, getting lost.....all these things are possible.  So if you come bring  a smile, some tolerance, and a GPS if you own one;-)  There is also an older bridge where you have to walk or ride on 6 x 8's or walk followed by a very bumpy road.   I don't expect a large turnout, but I have gotten at least one inquiry and wasn't sure if I would get the route revised or substitute another, older route.

Much of the course it is out and back.  The first and last store stop is in Medora, so the first and last part of the route is flat and you have ridden those roads if you have ridden the Medora Century or the traditional Orleans route.   The middle of the course has some climbs and some rollers:  not the toughest climbs but not as easy as Sunday's century.  The new route cut out the beautiful descent on the way to Kurtz, but it also cut out climbing back up that fine descent so that is one less significant climb.  That being said, I don't know what climbs, if any, the new roads may add.

The new lunch stop is in Norman at the new Jigg's Cafe.  The only thing I have eaten there was the chicken salad:  decent food, huge portion.  Canned drinks and water.  Very friendly people. 



  • 25 Aug 2013 7:51 AM | Melissa Hall
    To the person who left a message on my cell phone, I apologize. I only have a cheap Trac phone which stays charged less than a day that I have for emergencies. Since I rarely have it on, I forgot to check it. I certainly didn't mean to exclude you. I really am sorry.
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