Wednesday's Century

07 Oct 2013 10:06 PM | Melissa Hall
Just a few thoughts about Wednesday's century to Story.  I probably should have had it later in October so there would be more color, but this is what worked for me. Maybe next year I will plan better, but the decision was very last minute. I still think it will be a pretty ride.  Yes, there is still lots of green and it will be good to soak it up, but it is not the burgeoning green of early spring or the more verdant green of early summer, but a more mature green that is cognizant of its own mortality.  Color is creeping in along the edges and there are hints of the splendor that is to come.

If you decide to ride, it is not a particularly difficult century.  Yes, there are some climbs, but nothing too significant or gut busting.  There is a short stretch of gravel and some of the roads may be a tad busier than some of my normal centuries. I hope this winter to work on perhaps some rerouting, but I just have not yet gotten it done.

Lunch is a problem.  Story has excellent lunches.  They are gourmet lunches and because they are gourmet, they take quite a long time.  That being said, if anyone shows that has their heart set on eating there and perhaps encountering the ghost that allegedly resides there and causes her photo to fall when called homely or pinches teh rear when one is dressed in black lace, I will oblige.  I also quite enjoyed our last visit when the waitress sang, and I mean literally,  to Bill Pustow "Will Yum" as she handed him his bill;-)I still smile about it at times.  She really was a nice kid.  

I intend to call tomorrow to see if the outside stand will be open as it is much faster.  If not, there are several lunch options, none of them optimal but I seriously doubt anyone will starve.  1.  A sandwich could be bought at Freetown at the first store stop and transported.  2.  There is a store about ten miles out from Story that "may" have sandwiches but definitely has food (I have never stopped there but it is a store).  3.  The horse place down the road from Story MAY be open.  4.  Wait until Dairy Queen, the last stop, and just take a few snacks to tide you over.  

Since the weather is going to be fantastic unless something changes between today and Wednesday, I am open for any option that those who show prefer.  As the song goes, "I got nothing to do but today," at least on Wednesday.  So long as we get in by dark and everyone gets in safely life is, as Murph so often says,  good. 


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