Gravel Adventure Ride #2

17 Nov 2013 10:00 AM | Deleted user
This weekend marks the second of a (hopefully) full winter series of Gravel Adventure Rides.

Last week, for the first of these, we had 11 hearty souls show up for a perfect day of riding.

The "Adventure" part of this, is that the routes will not be checked out in advance to insure they are all passable. Roads will be mostly unknown, only having been mapped online and through Google Streetview (where available), and therefore the quality of any particular road is up in the air. Roads could be paved, gravel, dirt, mud, overgrown with weeds, trees or completely reclaimed by nature. They may cross water by going through it instead of over it.

Stores, if we happen to pass any, may or may not be open, or even in operation anymore. Be sure to have food and water to handle multiple hours without a chance to resupply. There is a planned lunch stop at Jendy's Pizza in Hanover, IN this week.

Road signs may or may not exist and if they do may not match what the internet claims the roads to be.

It is strongly recommended that tires be at least 35mm wide, with a 2" tire preferred. CX, MTB, Touring and Fat Bikes would be optimal. Make sure you have proper tubes, tools and inflation devices to handle any mechanical.

OF NOTE: It is currently deer hunting season in Indiana. Last weekend was still Archery season, this weekend is the opening for Gun Season. I strongly suggest that each rider dress in brightly colored clothing. Orange, Red, Yellow being preferred.

The following is the ride description from the Touring Schedule:

     10:00am                              45 mi #4  226 Indiana 62, New Washington, IN,

                                                  New Washington Gravel Adventure Ride. New Washington High School.  Get ready for an adventure! This ride will be ridden on a variety of road surfaces, so expect to bring a cross, mtb or other bike that can handle larger treaded tires. Part of the adventure is that the roads will be mostly unknown, as even the ride captain will likely not have seen them before, so expect to be rerouted if roads are closed or impassible, ideally we will stay together as a group so nobody gets lost (or at least nobody is lost alone). Things to expect: pavement, gravel, dirt, mud, water crossings, trees down across roads, stores that aren't actually open. Roads without signs, roads that disappear into nothingness and require bushwacking through the woods to reach where the road reappears on the other side. Be prepared: bring enough food and water to handle the expected mileage and then some. Tools and such to fix any problems that you may have. Be prepared to push your bike up some impossibly steep, boulder strewn roads. Most of all be prepared to have fun! RC:Timothy Stephen:

Here is the link to the planned route:


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