Sunday's Christy Century

18 Jun 2014 7:14 PM | Melissa Hall

I have had three or four inquiries about the Christy Century on Sunday so to save myself some typing:

1.  It is NOT a Tour de Mad Dog Stage.
2.  It goes to Vernon, Indiana.  It was named the Christy century after a painting in a now defunct bar that I ate at when I first designed the ride. Chris Quirey posted a photo of the painting somewhere on Dave King's Facebook wall eons ago on a day I remember parts of as clearly as if it were yesterday. It IS on Larry's site:
3.  Normally centuries that are not tour stages draw small crowds.  Last time I believe there were 9 and I considered this a huge group.  Sometimes nobody shows and I ride alone.
4.  There is a stretch of gravel.  It was very rideable; however, earlier this spring they had put more gravel on and I did walk part of it.  Hopefully it is packed down by now. Bring tubes just in case.
5.  I am riding the double century the day before as part of my 1000K training regime, so if you come intending to ride with me, please understand that I will be riding slowly.  That being said, I expect to be in well before dark.  If you can't keep up with a tired, old woman who rode 200 hilly miles the day before, please stay home and train some more before coming out.  
6. Don't feel like you have to ride with me if you come.  You are welcome to drop this candy a.... I designed the route and won't get lost;-)
7. Compared to the last few TMD stages, it is an easy century with some really lovely roads and some roads that are  not quite so lovely.  Mostly rural.  Relatively flat the last 18 miles or so.  But it IS a century.
8.  Remember it is going to be hot......



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