Sunday's Century Ride

23 Apr 2015 8:49 PM | Melissa Hall

Because of flooding in Medora, the route will be Orleans via the Back Door rather than Packman's Hint.  Hopefully, never any guarantee, we will not run into flooding along the route. Store stops at Pekin, Orleans, and Salem.  Please be aware that the good restaurant is closed in Orleans.  There is another restaurant.  The food is edible.  Eat there or the gas station or pack a sandwich.  (At least there was a restaurant last time I was over that way).  Also, State Road 56 is closed as you leave Salem.  I believe we can get through, but if you are going to be riding quickly, dropping the ride captain, you might want to familiarize yourself with how to get around it just in case.  It is closed a bit past Anson Street all the way to Jim Day Road.  The route can be found at: 

Not sure what the weather might be.  Cancellations will be made via the club web site and list serve.  If in doubt, call.   Puddle


  • 24 Apr 2015 5:54 PM | Melissa Hall
    I was in Salem today. The road says closed, but it is definitely being driven by cars up to Jim Day Road, way past Anson. The road is then completely closed to cars for a short section. It certainly looked like we can get through, some gravel, etc. But if they are working or I am wrong, here is work around. If you have concerns, just take this at the intersection of 56 and 135 in Salem. You will go 3/4 of the way around the square and up Market just like you do on the Salem Century. You will turn left at the same place (Heritage Chapel/Rubber HIll) and go all the way to where it intersects with 56. Go right on 56, take a left on Quaker, and at the stop sign go right on Quaker and you are back on course. Here is the GPS file of the work around. Please note this file is not the entire course. Just the work around from Salem to the end.
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