Saturday Story Century

19 May 2015 8:57 PM | Melissa Hall

I have gotten a few questions about the Story Century this Saturday.  It is NOT a tour stage.  There IS gravel on the route.  There MAY be construction that will cause some detours or walking to bypass. There will be some traffic on the main road.  Oddly enough, it often is heavier on week-ends than during the week.

There are three possibilities for lunch.  The first and obvious choice is Story itself.  On Saturday's the restaurant AND the outside sandwich shack is open.  There are also two stores after the first store stop that sell sandwiches.  One has a pretty good selection. The other wasn't so impressive.  If you decide to eat at Story, plan on it taking time, particularly if you eat in the restaurant.  You will, however, have waited for some pretty good food if my past experiences there hold true. We have eaten there and we have carried sandwiches to Story and just bought drinks.  All I ask is that you don't complain if it takes some time because you have been warned. 

Here is a link to the route:  That being said, I have been know to make programming errors so feel free to ask for the cue sheet and  you can program it yourself if you would like.  The route is pretty easy to follow until you get to Brownstown (last store stop Dairy Queen) where it is easy to go off course.

Feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions.  I can't tell you how fast the ride will be because I do not know who will show up. Any cancellation will be announced on the listserve and the club web site.  Puddle


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