Third Store Stop for Medora

08 Oct 2015 7:25 PM | Melissa Hall

Due to a lack of interest, I am not asking the woman who owns the third store to open Saturday.  She wanted to know by tomorrow. If I would get at least twenty by tomorrow who commit to a purchase, I will change this decision and post.  I won't ask someone to work on their day off without knowing that people will stop there.

A few years ago I let a restaurant know about a TMD stage and they called in extra help. Very few people stopped.  Small businesses can't afford that and I vowed I would never do that to a business again.  Please be prepared to provide for any needs you have the last fifty miles.  The coke machine may or may not work.  There is water at the church if it has not been locked.  Puddle


  • 09 Oct 2015 5:46 PM | Melissa Hall
    The woman at the Little York store has graciously agreed to be open from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. barring anything unforeseen. I told her NOT to open the grill as I did not really think people would want fried foods. If anything comes up that she cannot open, she will make sure the pop machines are filled, but someone has been habitually jamming them up and they have not been working consistently.

    Please thank her for opening and treat yourself to a little something. These country stores are so valuable to cyclists and have such a hard time making a profit. Thanks. Puddle
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