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28 Oct 2015 8:03 PM | Melissa Hall

Attached please find the GPS file:  marengomanglerII








Hilly but scenic -- 100.4 mi, +5231 ft. Starts in Clark County, IN

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.  You are welcome to the cue sheet to check the file.  This is a hard century and you should be century hardy before trying it.  It is NOT a good first century or even a good second or third century.  It is, however, a nice century and the changes I have made take us off most of the busy roads.  Some just can't be avoided if you want store stops.

For those of you that are century hardy, please don't feel like you need to stay back with me.  That is why I am providing the GPS file. Feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions.  So far, the weather looks nice.  Here's hoping.  Puddle


  • 30 Oct 2015 5:49 AM | Melissa Hall
    Please note this century is on the schedule for SATURDAY. If you are going to ride, show up Saturday. Sorry for the confusion.
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