12/26/15 Iroquois Ride - Route Changes

25 Dec 2015 8:27 PM | Thomas Nance


You can view the route or load a GPS file via the above link. I modified the route to eliminate the climb up Barrallton Hill Rd., it is really one of those 'cry baby hills' and given the extra holiday poundage this time of year ..... there still is the climb up Jefferson Hill and Hosclaw Hill to look forward to.

Once we leave JMF the route is relatively flat with a store stop at the Five Star, same store stop as the Thursday Loop ride uses. This will be at mile 38-ish so bring some leftover cookies to get you through to the store stop.

As of Friday PM the weather is about 50/50 for rain. The ride will NOT cancel just for rain or wet conditions. Be extra cautious on the Mitchell Hill decent and the Brooks Hill Road decent.

10am start time - means the ride will roll at 10:15am.


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