First Century of 2016

30 Dec 2015 8:50 PM | Melissa Hall

 Due to flooding in the area, I am changing the route that will be offered this Saturday. Same start time and same start place, just a different course.  If you intend to ride and would like the GPS route, please e-mail me and I will send it to you.  This will allow you to ride ahead as, yet again, I am in no hurry so long as I get in by dark.  This is a good thing as I really am not fit enough to hurry at the present time. 

I intend to offer either Hardinsburg or Cambellsburg.  I don't "think" either of these routes should have flooding. Not being God and not having time to ride the course ahead of time, no promises.  Both have lunch at the Mennonite Store.  If anyone that intends to ride has a course preference, please let me know.  Both have a good climb or two.  As always, there may be dogs, gravel, road closures, suicidal squirrels, and other obstacles along the course.  Bring your smile.  Puddle


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