14 Aug 2016 10:16 AM | Melissa Hall

Next week is the Christy Century.  The cue sheet and GPS file are up on Larry "Gizmo's" web site.  Please understand that I am NOT the best GPS route designer in the world.  I "think" it is okay, but feel free to use the cue sheet to program your own GPS file if you are anal about such things. 

The Christy Century was not named for anyone I know, unlike the Maple Syrup ride which technically is Carl's Maple Syrup ride and was designed to honor Mad Dog Carl "Screech" Davis who harvested maple syrup in his youth.  The Christy Century was named for a picture hung in a now defunct bar and only a few, select Mad Dogs ever made her acquaintance.

The ride starts in the park next to the Scott County YMCA.  There are bathrooms that are normally open.  The first store stop does NOT have a bathroom.  Lunch is in Vernon.  There are a few choices, but some will take you off route.  The route is designed for Burger King, but if you continue further you will come upon a Wendy's and McDonald's.  There are gas stations, but I have not found them to have much to offer. Whatever floats your boat. There is also a quaint little bar that is normally open on Sundays and has pretty good food.  The third store stop is is in Crothersville.

Some of the roads are NOT marked.  I tried to note those on the cue sheet, but signs in the country tend to be there one day, gone the next.  One of the roads has a gravel stretch.  There are dogs in places.  None have been aggressive, but I am not God and can't tell you that none of them become aggressive or that a new person with a new dog may not have moved in.  There are a few busy roads because that is what happens sometimes if you want a store stop. 

I will be sweeping the route, but I can only sweep if you stay with me.  If you shoot ahead and get lost....well, it becomes your problem and not mine. 

All this being said, this route does flood and we are predicted to get LOTS of rain this week.  Please be aware that if flooding is an issue, I will try to find a work around since most people are averse to wading flood waters.  If I cannot, however, another route may be substituted and it is quite likely if that is the case that it will be a much harder route to avoid flooded areas.  Again, I am not God.  I am going to try to work on a alternative, just in case, route today.  It is hard to do in Indiana because so many stores are closed on Sunday, and the ride is scheduled for Sunday. 

Please pay attention to the list serve and club web site.  I will only cancel if I have to due to lightening, flooding that cannot be skirted, safety issues.  Call if in doubt.  I will also announce any route change ahead of time.  Puddle


  • 20 Aug 2016 2:47 PM | Melissa Hall
    Some friends and I drove up to the area that has flooded in the past, and unless it rains an awful lot we should be good to go with the original course. See everyone tomorrow. Wheels roll at 8:15 a.m. sharp.
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