Saturday Story Century

20 Oct 2016 6:27 PM | Melissa Hall

The Story Century is scheduled for Saturday and the weather looks a bit chilly, but nice for this time of year.  Route is  For some reason, in the ride description I put the Red Barn store was on this ride, but it is not.  The first stop is in Freetown and hopefully it is open and has not gone out of business.

Expect dogs, some gravel, and a slow, expensive lunch. Because of the season, there will be more traffic than normal on the route. Hopefully there will be lots of color, but that is not what I am seeing locally.  I intend to ride, but I continue to have some issues with torn tendons so will be slow and may even walk the steeper hills.  No need to hang back with me.  If I relapse again, I will sweep via car, but I hope to ride.

E-mail if you have questions or concerns.  


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