June Overnight

05 May 2017 7:36 PM | Melissa Hall

I have put an overnight ride to Montgomery, Indiana and back on the June Calendar.  I have done this ride solo a couple of times:  once on a road bike and once on a cross type bike.  Much better on a cross bike.  Self supported with no sag wagon. There is not lots of gravel, but there is gravel, some of it pretty rough though last year they had paved some of it.  There really isn't a lunch stop on the first day and it is a long ride.  I will probably walk a couple of the hills since it is self supported and they are pretty steep and I am getting old.  There may be road closures, dogs, etc.  Last year a huge tree had fallen and would have been impassable without the help of a couple of guys that lifted my bike over.  But there should be plenty of daylight.  That being said, both years I have been tired by the time I got there, eager to eat and go to bed. 

Anyway, anyone  interested should contact me for motel information.  There are GPS routes available.  No need to ride together unless you want to.  As I said, I don't look to rush. Review of the first year: http://randomthoughtsofapuddle.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-virgin-self-designed-self-supported.html


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