TMD Stage 10 Salt River Ford **START TIME CHANGE**

11 Jun 2017 7:51 PM | Tony Darnell

The Stage will be on Saturday the 17th.


With the expected high temp possibly being 90*+ and the addition of the river ford, the out and back to the Four Roses Distillery along with the usual three scheduled stops the time limit will be changed from 10 to 10 1/2 hours. This will however not allow us to relax the pace.  A total of 2 hours of non-moving time will require you to ride a 12.2 mph pace and if you stay idle for 3 hours you will need to ride a 14 mph average speed.  This century will not be for the ill prepared, if in doubt about being up to the challenge, consider this ride is on the long side for a century and it has 5600'+ of climb on typical Ky roads.

As for crossing the Salt River, I ride in sandals and will cross the water in them; however most of you have those nice cycling shoes.  You may wish to bring water shoes, old tennis shoes, or a pair of those rubber soled socks, like you would wear around the house, for the crossing.

As with the past few stages the weather forecast keeps looking better with each day we get closer to Saturday.

The ride starts at Pope Lick Park (formerly Floyd's Fork Park)

I will post the link to the gps file soon as there seems to be a need to give it further review.

---REMEMBER------7:00---WHEELS ROLL AT 7:15---

Tony Darnell



  • 14 Jun 2017 4:45 PM | Tony Darnell
    The start time is changed to 7:00!!!!

    The new gps file is now public at:

    Salt River Ford Century V2

    Century ride to Four Roses Distillery and back. Glitch at Rice Road cleaned up. Start revised to reflect new parking lot at Pope Lick. -- 103.2 mi, +4852 ft. Starts in Louisville, KY

    I you think that someone may not get the kycyclist email or may not check the ride updates to see the ride start time changed to 7:00, please send them a text to make sure they get the message.

    See you Saturday,


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