8/20/17 - TMD Stage 17 - Eclipse Eve Century

16 Aug 2017 11:34 PM | Thomas Nance
Start/Finish location:
Frankfort Convention Center - 405 Mero St, Frankfort, KY 40601
Ride will start on Clinton St. side of FCC.

8AM start - wheels will roll at 8:15AM


5000 ft. of vertical gain on this route. It is a moderately hilly course. please respect the 10-hour time limit allowed to complete the course.

If you are an LBC member then sign-in on the LBC sign-in sheet, do not sign in on the BCC sign-in sheet unless you are also a BCC member and visa-versa. Only participate in the LBC Mad Dog statistics finishing sheets if you are an LBC member.

This is a joint ride between the LBC and the BCC (Bluegrass Cycling Club). Keep in mind that different clubs have different rules of etiquette. Many of the BCC riders that regularly ride together have a practice of using a rotating pace line. Google 'rotating pace line' if anyone is not clear about this technique. 

If you join up with a group of riders that you don't regularly ride with it is considered proper to ask the group if it is OK to join them. If they are in a paceline it is your responsibility to ask and determine which way they are rotating and for how long everyone is taking pulls on the front, ect. It is widely considered improper to just sit on the back enjoying the draft without taking turns on the front. The #1 safety issue in pacelines is caused by overlapping the rider's rear wheel that is directly ahead. If they weave to avoid a hazard, their rear wheel hits your front wheel and riders go down. If you ride with aerobars, never-ever use those aerobars while you have riders ahead in a group, unless you have the full aero setup with brake levers on the aerobars.

Please email or message me if you have any questions.



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