Medora Century and 52 miler

16 Sep 2011 4:40 PM | Melissa Hall
The Medora Century is this coming week-end.  I was asked if the 52 miler takes people by the refurbished covered bridge.  Quite simply, the answer is no.  The bridge is right before and right after the Medora lunch stop.  The 52 miler stays with the regular ride through the first store stop until about mile 33 at which point century riders will go right (north) and 52 milers will go left (south).  Only the century route is guaranteed to be swept.  I will ask for a volunteer for the 52 miler, but if nobody volunteers you will be on your own if you pick the 52 mile route.

When I put the ride on the schedule, I forgot to put the starting place.  The Medora Century/52 miler starts at the Clark State Forestry in Henryville, Indiana.  Take I-65 North to the Henryville exit keeping in mind that it is heavily paroled for speeding.  Go right (East) off the exit on State Road 160.  At the stop sign, the intersection with State Road 31, go North (left).  The forestry will be on your left in maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile.  We normally park at the front of the park (first left after the entrance) to try to leave the paved parking lot for anyone renting the shelter. 

Please call or e-mail if you have questions. The route, with a slight modification, is available at  Puddle


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