Hardinsburg TMD: Stage II

14 Mar 2019 10:10 AM | Melissa Hall

Tour de Mad Dog Stage II: Hardinsburg

Monday I rode the modified course. Because the starting place is different to allow more parking, the route is longer. To cut about three miles out, I also cut out two of my favorite roads. As I rode the unknown road yesterday, I found that while it cuts mileage, it also adds what I can only describe as a magnificient climb, a climb I was intimidated by due to my weak, winter legs and the foreknowlegdge of a climb that was to come shortly afterward. I walked. Be sure to bring your climbing legs and good brakes. It is not so very long, but it is steep. Near the end of the road, there is a very steep descent with a curve at the bottom. I debated changing back to my original route, but while I “think” there would be enough parking, I could not be for sure so left it alone. Beyond that, it is time to begin building up the legs for the season, and nothing adds strength like hill climbing.

I have sent the route information to Larry “Gizmo” Preble for his site including cue sheet and Ride With GPS file. I know everyone does not do this anymore, but I consider the site a unique and valuable resource and I appreciate Larry continuing to maintain it. The course cue sheet and GPS track can be located at www.kybikerides.org and is ride 5506. Thank you, Larry.

As many of you know or may not know, computers are not my field. So while I sent him a GPS file, please feel free to use the cue sheet and program it yourself to ensure accuracy. Many times the ones I program or the ones I download that others have programmed for the TMD have errors. If you choose to use mine, realize that errors are possible and best avoided if you program it yourself. When I recorded the route on the GPS, it did shut down for a bit on Blue River so the course appears a bit shorter than it really is. My Garmin proceeded to die immediately after the download and I am presently without a GPS.

The route is hilly and you should be century ready, but it is very doable. I intend to sweep slowly but would like you to feel you can be in by 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the latest. There are flat spots. Basically there are three major climbs and the rest are what I would consider rollers though you will not glide up most of them and everyone's definition of hilly varies. The only significant climb before the first store stop is Leota Hill. The roughest section will be after lunch when there are two big climbs close to each other due to the route change. There is also a short GRAVEL section due to the route change. After the third store stop, there are just some rollers and nothing significant to climb.

I do suggest riding cautiously as there are still cinders and loose gravel on the roads and some of the loose gravel was in turns or on downhills. Bring extra tubes and cartridges or a pump. There were dogs. None of them scared me particularly, but that can change. Most of the roads are in good shape, however, Hardinsburg/Sinking Creek has bad pavement and pot holes on the descent so be cautious. As mentioned elsewhere, there is also bad pavement and gravel on Prowsville.

There are two lunch options: The Dutch Barn (http://www.dutchbarn.net/index.html) and Little Twirl (https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/American-Restaurant/Little-Twirl-115765418452786/). Both have their charms. If you decide on The Dutch Barn, I highly recommend asking for your sandwich on bread. It is home baked. If you decide on Little Twirl, their shakes are marvelous. Both have restrooms.

There is NO restroom at the third store stop. I suggest not urinating on his building or nearby as it is a gun shop. There are extra bathroom opportunites at approximately 61 miles at a gas station and again at about 82 miles at Delaney Park. Please be aware that entering Delaney Park will add mileage and they may charge you. It depends upon who is operating the gate. There are also lots of trees and forest lands. Corn will not yet be up so the corn field restrooms are currently closed. The third store stop really has very little selection. There will be drinks and a few candy bars, so feel free to bring something from the lunch stop if desired.

Some want to know why it is called the Hardinsburg Century when we just pass through Hardinsburg but we eat in Lavonia. It is merely because when I first rode there, prior to having a GPS and using a paper map, I intended to have lunch there but at that time there was no place there to eat and it was not as far away as I thought.

Feel free to call or e-mail if you have additional questions. If you call, leave a voice mail and I will get back with you as I don't normally accept calls from numbers I don't know.


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