Bourbon Populaire

10 Nov 2011 7:05 PM | Deleted user

To those who are interested in riding this month’s populaire:


The Bourbon Populaire will start at the Buffalo Trace Distillery Visitor’s Parking Lot. We are starting promptly at 10:00 (9:45 Wheelman Time), this is the same time that the Gift Shop opens, and arriving early may mean the gate is shut. The parking lot is also accessible through Fair Oaks Lane past the gas station. I should already be there.


A few words about the route:


Due to the course concentrating on visiting the distilleries, there is no food directly on the route-unless bourbon chocolates and bourbon jerky meet your dining requirements. There are however two places on the route where I have marked deviations to gas stations/McDonalds. The first is at mile 18.9, the second at mile 32, approximately half way. Deviations from the route do not count as mileage. All the distilleries should have water, if not at a water fountain, then at a sink.


Secondly, there is one mile of gravel. It is rather fine gravel, well beaten down into the dirt. It could be muddy. You may wish to ride a bike that is not too precious to get dirty.


Finally, the route visits both sides of the Kentucky River Valley, for those familiar with the topography. For those not, you may want to note that I used the word “topography” to give you an idea of what the roads might be like.


Looking forward to seeing many of you come out.



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