Sunday's Century and 55 miler

11 Nov 2011 4:25 PM | Melissa Hall
Sunday's century goes to Orleans, Indiana, and one of the best eating places this side of the Mississippi.  Barring an unexpected deluge between now and then, it is the original route and will climb the Devil's Backbone passing "The House of a Thousand Dogs."  Please note that the original route is not the route ridden as a TMD stage two years ago.  The starting place is different so if you go to the park, you will be there alone.  I will put the alternate route on next year sometime.

 The 55 mile option stays with the century route to Medora passing the covered bridge.  The shorter route will NOT be swept, however, even to the store stop as the century riders will want to get in before darkness falls UNLESS someone wants to volunteer to sweep the shorter route.  Heck, the century riders may need to drop me to get in before dark.  I have put on my winter weight, have not been riding much, have been riding slowly when I do ride, and have been exceedingly grouchy.

The short route is flat, but is vulnerable to the wind:  there just is no place to hide.  While it is not the route we were riding that day, I always grin to myself thinking of the look on Mule's face one ride when he once asked if the wind was ever calm here.  The answer is.....a resounding NO, not in the fall, winter, or spring. 

Feel free to e-mail or call with questions.  Puddle


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