Saturday's TMD Stage: Hardinsburg

20 Aug 2019 1:00 PM | Melissa Hall

Saturday's TMD Stage:   Hardinsburg. 

If you enjoy riding in and around the city in heavy traffic inhaling the intoxicating scents of exhaust and chemicals, this ride is NOT for you.  If you enjoy flat routes with no climbs and boring scenery, this ride is NOT for you.  If you have not been riding some distance and some hills, this route is NOT for you.  But it is a good route and if you have been doing the TMD centuries, you will be fine.  We have had more challenging tour stages this year.  I will be sweeping the slowest rider so long as that rider is century fit. 

The ride starts from Finley Firehouse.  To get there from Louisville, take I-65 North.  Take the Scottsburg, Indiana exit, 29.  Go left (west) off the exit on State Road 56.  Finley Firehouse is about three miles on your right.  Turn right (North) on Finley Firehouse road and park behind the firehouse making sure NOT to block the doors.  If that lot is full, cross back over 56 to the abandoned white building with the rust colored roof.  We may park all around that building.  Ride start time is 7:30 so we leave promptly at 7:45. 

The route is on Larry's site:  5501 - Hardinsburg Century.  Please do not confuse this with the other Hardinsburg Century that was going to leave from the park.  I rode the course last week and the GPS file worked flawlessly on my Wahoo.  The mileage we are using is shorter than the other version.

For those of you familiar with this route, it remains unchanged other than two things:  the pornographic ashtray store is out of business so the first store is now Casey's and directions are a bit different in Pekin to get you there.  The second change is near the end.  As I have no idea what they might be doing on 39 due to the paving project, so the route was modified so that we only cross 39. 

The route is a nice mix of farm land and woodlands.  Please be considerate to the Amish.  It is not unusual on this course to pass a few buggies.  Try to be respectful and slow so as not to spook their horses.  A couple of weeks ago on my 63 mile route, we even ran into a  miniature buggy pulled by a tiny pony and being driven by three children, the oldest of which looked to be about 8.  

The start is next to my house, so there will be a bathroom available until 7:30.  If you are not comfortable using my bathroom,  there is a McDonald's right after you exit the expressway.  There are bathrooms at the first store stop, both lunch stops, and at mile 56.4.  At the Dutch Barn, you have to go behind the counter to use the bathroom. There is NO bathroom at the third store stop, however, for $2.00 you can exit the course at Delaney Park, mile 79.5, pay your two dollars, and use that facility.  Otherwise, you must make do with the stops available or use mother nature. 


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