Sunday Century to Bethlehem

03 Jul 2020 9:16 AM | Melissa Hall

Please be aware that it is going to be HOT.  To compensate, I will be riding a slow pace.  I don't expect or want anyone to hang back with me unless they just want to ride slowly or want the delight of my company and my incessant chattering and complaining.  I warn you that the last two have gotten worse since the loss of my husband. That being said, please be prepared to ride a reasonable pace if you show up.  I would NOT recommend coming if your longest ride recently was 25 mph in the early morning coolness.  Also, keep in mind that there is a fairly long distance between the lunch stop and the third store stop.  Bring enough water.

I will have copies of the old cue sheet.  The only difference is at the lunch stop and I will explain the change verbally.  The location of the lunch stop has changed.  If you did Bethlehem the last time it was a tour stage, you are aware of the changes.  The GPS file is correct.

The first store stop is before the long climb out of Bethlehem.  For those who have not done it, it is long but really not steep.  In my opinion, it is the easiest way to climb out of Bethlehem.

McDonald's, Subway, and a couple of gas stations are lunch options.  I am leaning toward bringing a sandwich, getting something cold from one of the gas stations, and eating outside in the shade.  You can decide what you are comfortable with, including whether you bring a mask to wear inside.  You are big girls and boys  and quite capable of deciding. My children are grown and I don't intend to be your mommy.  Please do be aware, however, that due to increasing COVID cases, roll out in Indiana was delayed and face masks are recommended. 

The third stop is a Casey's in Scottsburg.

Originally, I hoped to ride or drive the course beforehand, but I have not and will not be able to do so.  Please be aware that there is a possibility of road construction as there always is this time of year.  Also, while dogs are  not normally an issue on this route, people move and also get pets so dogs and other obstacles are always possibilities.  If you are someone who can't adapt and gets angry at obstacles, don't come or suck it up. Frankly, some of my most memorable rides have been where unexpected adventure beckons.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Puddle


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