May 6th 2:00 ride

04 May 2012 2:34 PM | Connie Guild
Dear all,

I just wanted to clarify that Sunday's ride will begin at the usual 2:00 Sunday ride start, at the office building parking lot on Staebler, NEAR Heine Brothers on Chenoweth/Breckinridge.  Please note that it will be a 15-mile ride with a cue sheet for you to follow.  So for those of you who have the 2:00 Heine brothers ride route memorized, it may be a little challenging to your brain (and eyes) to follow a cue sheet.  I had to make the type fairly small to get it to fit on one page, so bring your reading glasses!  It is not an extremely original has the elements of several rides.  

I would rate the route a 2 for most LBC riders, and a 2+ or 3 for newbies.  While not flat, there aren't TOO many hills....but there are a few hilly spots for newbies (i.e., Denham, Beargrass, Grinstead/Stiltz).  

If you're wanting to do a fast-paced, challenging ride, this may not be the ride for you.  This will be for those who want a nice little Sunday ride, yet it may be challenging for any new riders, or slow-pokes (like me).  

I'm hoping to encourage new riders to join us, and I'm hoping those who ride will be laid back, ride safely, and enjoy helping newer riders.  I'll be sweeping at the back and ride as slow as the slowest rider(s) (probably me).

Where ever you ride, ride safely!



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