Christy Century

25 May 2012 6:19 PM | Melissa Hall
For those planning on riding tomorrow, please be sure you have plenty of water.  There are three store stops and a few other possibilities along the route, but it is going to be a scorcher and parts of the route will allow no respite from the sun.  Also, give yourself some extra travel time to the start as the speed on I-65 between Sellersburg and Henryville has temporarily been reduced to 55 mph. 

That being said, I think it is a nice ride even though Christy no longer graces our lunch stop.  For those interested, Chris Quirey immortalized her via a photograph and MIGHT share if you ask nicely.  Lunch is in Vernon, a city that caused the well loved agnostic/atheist, Pustow, to drop his jaw and pronounce, "Somebody's going to hell!" during a Halloween visit.

See ya tomorrow!  Puddle

"Enjoy life.  There is plenty of time to be dead."  Mark Twain


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