Ride Updates

  • 11 Oct 2019 5:09 PM | Melissa Hall

    The ride is now available on www.kybikerides.org thanks to Larry Medora Ride (Revised) is posted as Ride # 5515

    Also, please check for road closures.  Per the news, some of the main roads in Louisville will be closed tomorrow.  You might want to use your GPS for guidance. 

  • 11 Oct 2019 1:53 PM | Bill Stader

    Postponing the Ghost Ride till November 1.  I've been looking at the forecast -- hard to tell if it will rain or not but certainly the weather will be damp, wet and cool.  I'm nervous doing a ride at dusk in this sort of weather.  I will postpone the ride for 2 weeks until November 1.  Michelle and I will be at the beach the next 2 weeks as this will the Oldham County School Fall Break.  I'm thinking that the ghosts will still be there!  Thank you for your understanding.

  • 10 Oct 2019 11:56 AM | Mike Kaufman

    Saturday 10-12 Glenarm Loop ride and Sunday 10-13 Sunday morning ride will start at 11:00 due to the chill

    in the air.

  • 09 Oct 2019 6:01 PM | Melissa Hall

    It appears that despite road closures and road construction, we will be able to get to Medora, just not the traditional way.  This is a HUGE reroute:  please don't plan on using one of the old GPS files.  We cross 39 but do not ride on it all.  Other roads have changed as a result.  All roads are paved though one has a gravel spot where they have done road repair. The new GPS file is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31272603

    I rode the course today and the GPS file works.  Medora is already starting to decorate.  Please be aware that the road going into Medora is closed.  I was able to walk around the road closed signs and get over the creek with no problem.  Please be aware, however, that if there is rain the night before, it could be a tad muddy.  You will then have the chance of going through or by the covered bridge.  I strongly suggest walking the bridge as there are gaps between the flooring planks, but you are big girls and boys.  Stick an extra goo in your jersey pocket and be prepared in case the closed road would really close between today and Saturday.  I don't think it will, but it is best to be prepared.  If you feel adventurous and want a few extra miles, take in the old brick factory a few miles outside of town to the west.  Directions available upon request.

    Please be aware that there are numerous intersections on this ride where we will have a stop sign but the cross lane will not.  Remember to ride cautiously.  Some of the roads we are on will be familiar, and some will not.  Some that are familiar we are traversing in a different direction. Some will be happy to know that the hills on Hebron Church Road and Beagle Club Road are not on this route.  I believe it is as flat or flatter than the traditional Medora. 

    Please consider wearing pink since the celebration IS "Medora Goes Pink."  I do not intend to bring snacks for after the ride as has been done at times in the past.  Feel free to bring some if you would like.  Anyone that would like to join me for pizza at Good Fellas after the ride to celebrate the end of the tour is welcome. 

    To get to the ride start, take I-65 North from Louisville. (John, pay attention;-)  Take the Henryville Exit (18 or 19).  Go right on 160.  At the stop sign, go left on State Road 31 and take the first forestry entrance on the left.  The ride start will be 8:00 a.m.  The lunch stop is the festival.  Both store stops are in Austin:  different gas stations. 
  • 08 Oct 2019 3:53 PM | Bekki Livingston (Administrator)

    Check the calendar for Wednesday morning.  Four excellent rides to choose from!

  • 07 Oct 2019 8:04 AM | Percy Black

    due to rain that we really really need ride hads been cancelled.

  • 01 Oct 2019 11:58 AM | Bob Grable (Administrator)

    Here's a recap on ride count for the 2019 Mad Dog Series.

    Preble, Larry 19
    Askew, Tom 13
    Grable, Bob 13
    Hall, Melissa 13
    Hurst, Thomas 12
    Kamenish, Michael 12
    Kopatz, Fritz 12
    Pellegrino, John 12
    King, Dave 11
    Knowles, Rick 11
    McCoy, Alan 11
    Schreur, Dee 11
    Blevins, Gail 10
    Dauer, Amelia 10
    Dunsford, Steven 10
    Fong, John 10
    Lichtsteiner, Jonathan 10
    Murner, John 10
    Nall, Tony 10
    Nance, Thomas 10
    Pierce, Paula 10
    DeTorres, Pennie 9
    Dillard, David 9
    Livingston, Vince 9
    Mack-Washington, Marta 9
    Wineland, Jon 7
    Collins, Sarah 6
    Crawford, Michael 6
    Kennedy, Kristy 4
    Meredith, Steven 4
    Anderson, Scott 3
    Battle, Paul 3
    Dearing, Carla 3
    Rowan, Randall 3
    Bradon, James 2
    Dunsford, Jack 2
    Lahm, Matt 2
    Livingston, Bekki 2
    Willingham, Don 2
    Barr, Ford 1
    Beard, Carl 1
    Chapman, Scott 1
    Conull, Wendy 1
    Eiles, Max 1
    Hatfield, Sonny 1
    Hill, Cathy 1
    Irby, Della 1
    Jent, Steven 1
    Juckett, Christain 1
    Kaufman, Mike 1
    Lowe, Michael 1
    Macktubach, Martin 1
    McGee, Tom 1
    McHendrick, Carolyn 1
    Meade, Rick 1
    Montgomery, Steve 1
    Moore, Jim 1
    Pack, Tony 1
    Rice, Steve 1
    Robinson, David 1
    Roggenkamp, Kirk 1
    Rosen, Josh 1
    Rougeux, Mark 1
    Savage, D.C. 1
    Schwedlen, Kyle 1
    Shipp, Robert 1
    Shrode, Jeff 1
    Soren Stig-Nielson 1
    Stanton, Kim 1
    Tinal, Matt 1
    Tinal, Mark 1
    Wallace, Greg 1
    Warren, Wes 1
    Weingardt, Joe 1
    Willis, Jason 1
    Zaccone, Mark 1
    Zeh, Andrew 1

  • 30 Sep 2019 8:12 AM | Melissa Hall

    At this point, the road into Medora is still closed.  There is a detour, but it is a few miles of gravel so probably not the best option.  I hope to do a final check a week from today.  If we still can't get there via the main road, another century will be substituted for the final TMD stage. 

  • 27 Sep 2019 11:56 AM | Kathy and Richard Ragland

    Ride added for 9-28-19

  • 26 Sep 2019 11:11 PM | Valerie Pfeiffer

    Approx. 50-60 minute drive from Louisville. I-64 East, Ext. 65 - Right, then Left @ Light - US 62 / Leestown Rd. - Restrooms at Shell Station & McDonalds - Northside Elementary, 500 Northside Dr., Midway, KY 40347  We may pass some cyclist riding the Bourbon Burn from the Ky Horse Park Campground. Come join us!


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