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  • 27 Dec 2017 10:06 PM | Bekki Livingston (Administrator)

    2018 Mad Dog Series

    Bob Grable, Director

    A core group of regular riders on the Mad Dog Series (TMD) recently met and decided on a new format for TMD going forward. With this change I volunteered to be the 2018 Tour Director. Although we enjoyed the old format, the role of Tour Director had become quite a burden with complex rules & scoring system, coordination of materials for scorekeeping, associated communication updates, etc. Our aim was to keep the century ride format for those of us who enjoy riding long distances over great local courses in a safe setting with riders they enjoy being around. We decided to change TMD with the following new format –

    · 21 century rides.

    · If a rider completes 10 century rides they earn a Mad Dog jersey.

    · No scorekeeping to determine winners by end of season.

    · The sign-up sheets will determine who completed the ride.

    · No requirement to ride the first 5 or last 5 centuries to qualify for the Mad Dog jersey.

    · No prologue or time trials.

    · Riders must be century fit and capable of riding a 14 mph pace under normal conditions.

    · Riders who ride slower than 14 mph are welcome to ride. They must be self supported as the ride captain will not be responsible for sweeping riders who cannot maintain the minimum pace.

    · We will not schedule back-up ride dates on the LBC schedule. It will be the ride captain’s call to cancel the ride.

    · The OKHT and Horsey Hundred century rides will serve as bonus stages and count towards the ride requirement of 10 to earn a jersey.

    The 2018 season begins in March and will run through October.

  • 21 Oct 2017 10:45 PM | Thomas Nance

    Final results have been updated for the 2017 TMD Challenge.

    For the second consecutive year Larry Preble is the men's yellow jersey winner! Jonathan Lichtsteiner was a close second place , only 11 minutes behind Larry. Larry and Jonathon both completed all 21 TMD Stages.

    Cathy Hill is the women's yellow jersey winner! with Amelia Dauer was exactly 26 minutes back in second place. Cathy completed 16 stages and Amelia 15 stages. The penalty for not completing a stage is 26 minutes - so there was the potential to have a very close women's finish.

    (Both the Men's and Women's categories have equal prize money payout)

    The white jersey leaders for both men's and women's classification will be awarded to the rider who have not reached their 25th birthday by tour's end OR who have not qualified as a previous TMD challenge finisher regardless of age.

    Men's white jersey winner is John Peligrino!

    Women's white jersey winner is Nancy Nance!

    10 women completed the 2017 TMD Challenge and 24 men completed the 2017 Challenge! 

    Congratulations to all of the finishers.

    Thanks to all of the ride captains and the Louisville Bicycle Club for making this unique challenge possible.

    Thomas Nance

  • 10 Sep 2017 2:53 PM | Thomas Nance

    Reminder that someone to direct and organize the TMD program for 2018 is being sought.

    Main Duties:
    1. 2018 TMD Challenge Schedule - This involves organizing the TMD schedule and finding ride captains for each stage. Reviewing routes - alternating difficulty, etc.

    2. Prologue, traditional TMD over-night weekend and Time Trial have typically been events the Director manages. - Thanks Kirk and Cathy for taking the over-night stages this year. Thanks Mike and Angie for the help with the Time Trial.

    3. Statistics and record keeping. Updating the Mad Dog section of LBC website.

    4. Finisher's jerseys. Ordering, determining design, etc.

    5. Awards at Annual Banquet. Ordering, Banquet presentation, etc.

    6. Enforcing rules and rules interpretation.

    If needed, I will continue to serve in an advisory capacity for 2018. Kirk and many other seasoned TMD riders have always been willing and available as well. 


    Thomas Nance
    2017 TMD Director

  • 30 Jan 2017 10:53 PM | Thomas Nance

    The following (below) rule change was proposed by Kirk Roggenkamp - TMD Director 2016. The proposal did not gain traction and so was not officially adopted into the rule structure for 2017. I agree with Kirk and think there is merit in his proposal - the question that affects TMD participants is should the required number of completed stages move from the current 10 to 11? The logic behind changing the requirement is that the prologue would count as a stage (proposed), and an easy stage at that, so the requirement should change as well. Maintain balance.

    Keep in mind other, behind the scenes things such as the award jerseys are not free (they don't grow on trees). If the challenge is easier, as in... count the prologue as a stage and 'if' five more participants complete the challenge because an 'easy' stage was added, well great. But now there are more finishers jerseys to add to the already growing list of finishers and the balance of finishers changes, which effects the balance of the jersey budget get out of balance. (It's all fun and games until you are TMD Director and you have to consider such scenarios. I just want to ride my bike). I will propose this rule change at the next upcoming General Membership Meeting. - Thomas N.

    Participation in the Prologue has really lagged in recent years (just a fraction of the 35-40 riders who turn out for the uphill TT in Sept) Everyone always asks the same question, "Does it count as a stage?".  Under the current rules, it does not.  I propose that for 2017, the TMD Prologue (probably will be held in early Nov 2016) count as a stage.  In addition, I ALSO propose that the number of stages needed to qualify be bumped from 10 to 11 for 2017 and beyond. This will not change the number of centuries a rider has to complete (9) IF they participate in the both the Prologue and Uphill time trials.

  • 28 Jan 2017 9:07 PM | Thomas Nance

    Saturday, 1/28/17 - 18 riders rolled out to start Stage 1 of the 2017 Tour de Mad Dog season. 

    With starting temperatures in the mid 20's and 15 mph winds - the question of the morning was - what was I thinking. All is well that ends well. The wind kept up all day, but the sun was determined and once we turned East the sun was shining and the wind at our backs.

    John Larson was drawn as the stage winner and a handle bar bag or brevet bag was drawn as the time bonus option.

    2017 TMD Standing will be coming soon.

    Thomas N.

  • 26 Jan 2017 9:49 PM | Thomas Nance
    Looks like the weather may let us get the first stage of the 2017 Mad Dog season in. Saturday looks to be the better choice for the weekend.

    This is the official route for the Urbane Century 2017 - note it is a slightly revised route from past years. I will have cue sheets available at the ride sign in and the ride will be swept.

    The ride starts and ends at: EP Tom Sawyer Park - 3000 Freys Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40241

    8:00 am ride which means wheels will roll at 8:15 am. Please be prepared to ride 100 miles in cold temps. 28 - 29 degrees at the start and only going up to the upper 30's. It will be windy, 13 mph winds, that can make for tough going, twitchy bike handling and adds extra wind chill. 

    Check your bike bag, make sure your tubes (note that tubes is plural) are good and that tubes stems are of proper length for your rims - deep rims may not be the best option with the predicted wind anyway. Plan to stay hydrated, I try to drink my first bottle during the first 25 or so miles and keep drinking all day. Plan for extra calories, your body burns more fuel trying to stay warm. Got chapstick?

    Being out all day riding in colder temps. is very different than a two or three hour ride, the cold creeps in. Chemical warmers can be your friend - they never last as long as the package says they will last. Bring extras. 

    Consider your riding speed and timing. Sunset is around 6pm. If you suspect you can't finish the route by 5pm you should have a headlamp and of course a rear blinkey - all good Mad Dogs have a red rear blinkey. This is a flat-ish route, but cumulative vertical gain is around 3000' - so flat by KY standards - but when was the last time you rode a ride with 3000' of vertical.

    Have a bail-out option - here is the link for Uber - <- just in case :) :)

  • 11 Jan 2017 10:07 PM | Thomas Nance

    There have been some updates to the schedule. Please review the 2017 TMD schedule.

    Currently 4/2, 5/20, 6/4, 6/17 are stage dates where we need a ride captain for that stage. There is always some changing dates as other obligations come up and ride captains need to change dates. Please look at your personal schedules and see if we can get these open dates secured. May and June are prime dates to ride.

    Please let me know if you have questions - or need additional information. Thanks to every one for their support and interest in the Mad Dog Touring Program.

    Thomas Nance

  • 19 Dec 2016 11:02 PM | Thomas Nance

    2017 TMD Schedule has been posted. Go to the "TMD Schedule" tab.

    19 days until the first official TMD Stage on January 7, 2017. The stage with more turns, than miles. The Urbane Century.

    Link to the route:
    *note* this route/map may be updated with slight variations or corrections. Final version will be available and published before 1/7/17.

    The logic of the urbane century is that it is an easy (well it is a century), early season ride that circles Louisville. There are many opportunities for store stops, to warm up or bail out. It is a flat century, or about as flat as centuries ever get in Louisville Metro area.

    There are multiple, flex dates scheduled as make-up dates pending Mother Nature's mood.

    It is a good way to experience extended distance, cold weather riding.

  • 19 Dec 2016 10:45 PM | Thomas Nance

    A cold morning in November 2016. 

    The official start to the 2017 Mad Dog Series. The course started and ended at the Scott's Gap Trail Head in The Jefferson Memorial Forest. The route: Scott's Gap to Bear Camp Road, turn left. Bear Camp to Blevin's Gap, turn left. Blevin's Gap to Scott's Gap Road, turn left. Just like NASCAR, go fast, turn left.

    11/13/20162017 TMD Prologue Results
    PositionNameFinish TimeAV. MPH
    1FLise Andreasen35:57:0015.86
    2FNancy King40:12:0014.18
    1MJohnathan Lichtsteiner28:38:0019.91
    2MMatt Lahm29:40:0019.21
    3MDavid King30:26:0018.73
    4MJames Braden30:42:0018.57
    5MJeff Viniard32:18:0017.65
    6MKirk Engle34:45:0016.4
    7MFord Barr36:20:0015.69
    8MSoren Stig-Nielsen38:49:0014.68
    9MScott Farrar39:13:0014.53
    10MDavid Dillard42:35:0013.08

  • 10 Oct 2016 9:11 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)




    # of stages


    Amelia Dauer



    Cathy Hill



    Raney Self



    Lise Andreasen



    Gail Blevin



    Bekki Livingston



    Nancy King



    Melissa Hall



    Margaret Preble




    Melanie Levin



    Angie Fredell





    # of stages


    Larry Preble



    Thomas Nance



    Jonathan Lichsteiner



    Jeff White



    Kirk Roggenkamp



    John Larson



    Bob Grable



    Dave King



    Steve Dunsford



    Ford Barr



    John Murner



    Rick Knowles




    Tony Darnell



    Mike Fredel



    Mike Crawford



    Vince Livingston



    Steve Montgomery



    Scott Farrar




    Jim Moore



    David Dillard



    Michael Kamenish



    Andrew Thai




    Randall Davis



    Mike Jenkins


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