Stage 9 Tour Dupont Results

26 Jul 2012 3:52 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 9 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Tour Dupont.

Thanks to Janice and Andy for hosting the stage again.



The Stage Winner was Steve Rice and the draw bonus was a Starting the stage in Jellow or White for 1 minute(Nita, Ford get it but Robin and Ronald were not at the ride). There was also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for completing this stage. The Roll of the die was 6. That means groups of 12 or more will get a 7 second bonus. Stage Winner, Steve Rice, has the option of giving a 10 second penalty and he has decided to give it to Nita Bernat.

If I missed you on the results let me know off list.


Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 43 riders listed as finishers.

101 miles

Stage Winner at 5:03:00

Steve Rice

Stage Winner group Team "Dirty,Wet and Done" at 5:04:00

Cathy Hill
Susan Howell
Kirk Roggenkamp

Group of 8 Team "Suds and the Soggy Bottoms" at 5:04:53

Lise Andreasen
Liz Cull
Melissa Hall
Mike Pitt
Ford Barr
Dave Combs
Richard Heckler
Donald Snow
John Larson
David King
Bill Pustow
Scott Howes
Jeff White
Bob Grable
Larry Marco

Group of 6 Team "Nancy's First" at 5:05:00

Nancy Nance (First MD Century)
Nita Bernat
Larry Preble
Steve Meredith
Thomas Nance
Randy Davis

Group of 4 "" at 5:07:00
Joe Lobred
Charles Bird
Paul Battle
Lynn Roberts

Group of 4 "Kevin Anchor Sorensen Show" at 5:08:00

Mike Terula
Bryan McClure
Tim Chilton
Kevin Williams as Kevin Anchor Sorensen

Group of 3 Team "WaterBugs" at 5:08:00

Carla Dearing
Mike Kamenish 
Steve Montgomery

Group of 3 "Diminished Returns" at 5:08:00

Nathan Callaway
Janice Theriot
Bernice McGill

Group of 2 Team "Road Sponges" at 5:10:00

Matt Tinal
Jason Willis

Group of 2 Team "Baped by Rain" at 5:10:00

Perry Finley
Kelly McGill



Mike Jenkins


Mike Barr
Chaz Dunlevy
Chris Quiry
Bruce Heichelbach

Next Stages


Saturday, July 28

8:00 am – 100 mi #4 - Salt River [TMD #11]. Ride starts at Floyd's Fork Park.

Sunday, August 5

8:00 am – 100 mi. #3. Hot Century Sink or Swim Century--an LBC favorite Mad Dog Century [TDM Stage #12]. Westport Park, Westport, Ky. Scenic, often shady, moderate ride to points east. Lunch in Carrollton with optional dip in Ohio River to cool off for ride home. Map and Cue Sheet on, Ride # 3021

Hope everybody had a good ride,

To Be Abandoned List:

Also since Mike Jenkins DNF'ed the last stage the 2 dnf rulein a row = abandonment rule comes into play.

If there riders do not complete Stage 10 They will be considered abandoned:
Steve Royse

If there riders do not complete Stage 10 or 11 They will be considered abandoned:

Ted King
Mark Rougeux
Rick Croslin
Wes Warren
Charlie Drexler *
Brooks Hillenbrand *
Scott Binzer *
Julie Lerner
Kim Stanton
Connie Hillenbrand *
Mary Ann Heckler *
Ellen Mackim *

Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director




After Stage 9

Nita has held the lead and  Cathy is still within 2 minutes of her. Newcommer, Liz, has regained the White to Robin.

Ford hold onto the Yellow with good cushion to Matt.  Ronald has held the white and extended his lead over Charles.

Stage 9 winner, Steve Rice, has awarded the 10 second Penalty to Nita Bernat.



0:00:00 Nita Bernat
0:01:08 Cathy Hill
0:42:31 Melissa Hall
0:47:08 Susan Pyron
0:51:13 Jody Patterson
1:03:18 Carla Dearing
1:19:07 Kristen Dunlevy
1:20:08 Susan Howell
1:22:41 Lise  Andreasen  
1:23:11 Liz Cull *
1:45:18 Robin Reams *
1:47:01 Julie Lerner
1:48:18 Kim Stanton
1:49:18 Connie Hillenbrand *
1:51:18 Sandra Hubbard*
1:58:48 Kelly McGill
2:15:48 Mary Ann Heckler *
2:16:48 Ellen Mackim *



0:00:00 Ford Barr
0:24:57 Matt Tinal
0:36:57 Joe Lobred
0:50:34 Kirk Roggenkamp
0:57:18 Ronald Oliver *
1:00:34 Steve Meredith
1:02:57 Mike Pitt
1:11:44 Tim Chilton
1:15:34 Mike Kamenish
1:18:04 Ted King
1:18:37 Charles Bird*
1:19:57 Donald Snow *
1:20:17 Lawrence Preble
1:22:27 David R King
1:24:03 Steve Montgomery
1:33:37 John Larson
1:34:34 John Pyron
1:43:34 Jason Willis
1:44:37 Larry Marco *
1:45:07 Jeff White
1:45:20 Bill Pustow
1:46:17 Richard Heckler *
1:47:07 Bob Grable
1:47:27 Steve Rice
1:48:47 Randy Davis
1:49:08 Jim Moore
1:50:44 Stephen Dunsford
1:51:31 Thomas Nance *
1:53:04 Scott E Hoback*
1:53:34 Steve Royse
1:55:44 Mike Jenkins *
2:03:57 Dave Combs
2:06:44 Perry Finley
2:09:45 Steve Maurer
2:10:34 Mark Rougeux
2:13:27 Paul Battle
2:13:35 Mac Hubbard
2:13:57 Lynn Roberts
2:14:08 Nathan Callaway *
2:23:14 Eric Graf *
2:37:44 Wes Warren
2:38:44 Brooks Hillenbrand *
2:45:14 Scott Binzer *
2:46:07 Scott Howse
3:03:14 Rick Croslin
3:05:14 Charlie Drexler *


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