Stage 11 Salt River Ford

03 Aug 2012 5:53 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Sunday was Stage 10 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Salt River Ford Century.

Thanks to Steve for hosting the stage again.


The Stage Winner was Kim Stanton and the draw bonus was for Titanium Frames and as awarded to David King if anyone else gets this bounus let me know of list. There was also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for completing this stage. The Roll of the die was 3. That means groups of 9 will get a 7 second bonus. Stage Winner, Kim Stanton , has the option of giving a 10 second penalty and has decided to give it to Nita.

If I missed you on the results let me know off list.


Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 36 riders listed as finishers.

99.0 miles

Stage Winner at 4:57:00

Kim Stanton

Stage Winner group of 7 "Looks like we made it" at 4:58:00

Robin Reams
Wes Warren
Ron Oliver
Steve Montgomery
Ted King
David King

Group of 9 "Greybeards" at 4:58:53

Melissa Hall
Jody Patterson
Stephanie Clemens (NM, 1st Mad Dog Century)
Paul Battle
John Larson
Charles Bird
Joe Lobred
Bill Pustow
Steve Maurer

Group of 6 Team "Copacabana" at 4:59:00

Cathy Hill
Susan Howell
Liz Cull
Larry Marko
Steve Rice
Kirk Roggenkamp

Group of 7 "Yellow Jersey Fan Club" at 4:59:00

Carla Dearing
Ford Barr
Bob Grable
Stephen Dunsford
Mike Jenkins
Carlos Mendia  (1st Mad Dog Century)
Brian Chandler (NM, 1st Mad Dog Century)

Group of 2 Team "Rain Men" at 5:04:00

Steve Meredith
Tim Chilton

Group of 2 Team "WoodChuckers" at 5:04:00

Perry Finley
Kelly McGill

Group of 2 Team "Theres Murphy" at 5:04:00

Susan Pyron
John Pyron

Solo Team "Birthday Suit" at 5:07:00

Matt Tinal

Solo Team "Almost" at 5:07:00

Donald Snow


Rick Croslin
Charlie Drexler *
Brooks Hillenbrand *
Scott Binzer *
Connie Hillenbrand *

Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director



  • 03 Aug 2012 11:12 PM | Donald Snow
    David, you left me off the list. You recall I sent you a note that I finished just at the deadline but no one was there for met to log in. You acknowledged that others saw me riding in as they were leaving. Please correct.

    Donald Snow
    Link  •  Reply


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