Stage 12 Sink or Swim

16 Aug 2012 5:06 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Sunday was Stage 12 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Sink or Swim Century.

Thanks to Larry for hosting the stage again.


The Stage Winner was Larry Preble and the draw bonus was for age 65 and up, if anyone gets this bounus let me know off list. There was also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for completing this stage. The Roll of the die was 3. That means groups of 9 will get a 7 second bonus. Stage Winner, Larry Preble , has the option of giving a 10 second penalty and as of yet has not decided. Larry if you want ot give the penalty conract me off list.
If I missed you on the results let me know off list.


Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 21 riders listed as finishers.

100.6 miles

Stage Winner at 5:01:48

Lawrence Preble

Stage Winner group "Preble & the Snowman" at 5:02:48

Donald Snow

Group of 8 "Dry and Lucky" at 5:03:18

Cathy Hill
Susan Howell
Nancy Nance
Lise Andreasen
Tom Nance
Steve Rice
Ford Barr
Eric Schultz


Group of 4 Team "Whipped & Chains" at 5:05:48

Melissa Hall
Paul Battle
Mike Kamenish
Mark Rougeux

Group of 3 Team "Rock Solid" at 5:06:48

Tim Chilton
Eric Graf
Scott E Hoback

Group of 2 Team "White Meat" at 5:08:48

Jeff White
Steve Meridith

Solo Team "Better late than never" at 5:11:48

Ronald Oliver

Solo Team "Who needs a store stop @ 85 miles" at 5:11:48

Mike Pitt
His imaginary Friend (NM)

Solo Team "Exhausted but Happy" at 5:11:48

Dave Combs


Mac Hubbard
Sandra Hubbard

Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director





  • 31 Aug 2012 3:18 PM | David R King (Administrator)
    2 people were left off. JW and SM
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