Stage 19.5 The Virgin Century

08 Oct 2012 4:48 PM | David R King (Administrator)

To All interested,
Saturday was Stage 19.5 or 8 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Virgin Century. 

I have 21 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Jeff White and the draw bonus was for TMD Original, This bonus went to Melissa H,Mike K, Tim C, David K if anyone else gets this bounus let me know. There was also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for completing this stage. The Roll of the die was 5. That means groups of 11 will get a 7 second bonus. Stage Winner, Jeff White , has the option of giving a 10 second penalty and as of yet has not decided. Jeff, if you want to give the penalty contact me off list

If I missed you on the results let me know off list.


Here are the Results for the Stage:
97.8 miles
Stage Winner at 4:53:24

Jeff White

Stage Winner group "Where is Dave?" at 4:54:24

Randal Davis

Group of 8 "Who's got the beer?" at 4:55:24

Cathy Hill
Lise Andreasen
Larry Preble
Richard Heckler
Ford Barr
Mike Kamenish
Ron Oliver
Kirk Roggenkamp

Group of 4 "3 Dummies + Melissa" at 4:57:24

Melissa Hall
Bill Pustow
Paul Battle
Lynn Roberts

Group of 3 "Three Amigos" at 4:58:24

Liz Cull
Larry Marko
David King (RC Rule= 4:55:24)

Group of 2 Team "Just Us" at 5:00:24

Susan Pyron
John Pyron

Solo Team "Sad Hokie" at 5:03:24

Dave Combs

Solo Team "L'Esprit des Trois Epires" at 5:03:24

Tim Chilton

Kelly McGill


Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director


Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.


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