2013 Tour de Mad Dog Prologue Results

03 Mar 2013 8:00 PM | Michael Kamenish
The 2013 TMD is underway today with the commencement of the prologue. Twenty-six riders made the trip to LaGrange to Commerce Parkway to see how they would fare on this cold, breezy, but sunny day.

The winners are Lise Andreasen and Tim Chilton. They have earned the right to wear a yellow jersey on the next stage. I'll also add that Lise also won the uphill TT last September for the ladies.

The Results:
       NAME                TIME       STARTED @    FINISHED @
1.  Lise Andreasen  19m 51s   12:16:00pm   12:35:51pm
2.  Susan Howell       20m 35s   12:03:00pm    12:23:35pm
3.  Nita Bernat         22m 36s   12:11:00pm    12:33:36pm
4.  Missy Thompson   26m 36s   12:13:00pm    12:39:36pm

1.  Tim Chilton          17m 00s   12:15:00pm     12:32:00pm

2.  Eric Graf              17m 10s    12:04:00pm      12:21:10pm
3.  Dave King            17m 12s    12:17:00pm      12:34:12pm
4.  Scott Kuchenbrod  18m 08s    12:25:00pm     12:43:08pm
5.  Steve Montgomery 18m 12s   12:20:00pm      12:38:12pm
6.  Craig Dooley         18m 22s    12:08:00pm      12:26:22pm
7.  Dick Rauh             18m 59s   12:10:00pm      12:28:59pm
8.  Mark Whelchel       19m 02s    12:23:00pm      12:42:02pm
9.  Randy Davis          19m 07s   12:24:00pm      12:43:07pm
10. Ron Oliver            19m 10s   12:01:00pm      12:20:10pm
11. Larry Preble          19m 24s   12:12:00pm      12:31:24pm
12 Mike Kamenish       19m 35s   12:00:00pm      12:19:35pm
13. Paul Rogers          19m 57s   12:21:00pm      12:40:57pm
14. Brice Hayes          20m 01s   12:19:00pm      12:39:01pm
15. Dustin Tinnell        20m 10s   12:14:00pm      12:34:10pm
16. Brooks Hillenbrand  20m 22s   12:18:00pm      12:38:22pm
17. John Pyron           20m 33s   12:22:00pm      12:42:33pm
18. Glenn Williams       20m 41s   12:09:00pm      12:29:41pm
19. Steve Meredith     20m 52s   12:06:00pm      12:26:52pm
20. Richard Heckler     21m 34s   12:07:00pm      12:28:34pm
21. Troy Wright          22m 29s   12:05:00pm      12:27:29pm
22. William Oliver        23m 50s   12:02:00pm      12:25:50pm

Next TMD event is STAGE 1 Honest Abe Century on March 17 with John & Susan Pyron hosting.
Riders MUST ride STAGE 1, 2 or 3 to be included in the 2013 TMD challenge.

Thanks everyone!
Mike Kamenish
2013 Tour Director


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