Stage 2 Results

05 May 2013 10:45 PM | Michael Kamenish
Stage 2 Saturday, April 27th 8:00am 100.3 miles (give or take) Lawrenceburg Loop century [TMD Stage 2] starting at Shelbyville, KY. A more challenging century running through Bagdad, Frankfort, and Mt. Eden.

Ride Report: A tougher little ride that comes early in the schedule. I show 27 finishers listed on the TMD Results sheet. Not a bad turnout considering all the talk about rain we were sure to get. We did receive a very light shower right after the Bagdad stop, but it quickly went on its way. Stopping at the Lawrenceburg DQ for lunch, the weather radar was checked. Uh oh! We're going to get wet. I can't explain how we didn't get rained on, but it never happened. Checked radar again at Mt. Eden, and all is well. The hills at the end were wearing a few out, but the Mad Dog love kicked in and we gathered all the dogs up, finishing as nice size group. Turns out that the stage winner, "Back pack" Bob Grable was in that group, so everyone in his group benefited with a time bonus. Thanks to Steve Rice For Captaining us on the ride. Again, I show 27 riders listed as finishers.

Results: The Stage Winner was Bob Grable and the bonus was for Compact Double chain rings. There is also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. Let me know via email ( or on the "Tour de Mad Dog 2013" Facebook page if you rode this stage using a compact crank set.

The Results: Stage Winner at 4:58:54 Bob Grable
Stage Winning Group: at 4:59:54 "Rain? What rain?"
Jim Moore
Joe Lobred
Melissa Hall
Charlie Bird
Ted King Kirk
Cathy Hill
Connie Stacy
Becca Thomasson
Steve Rice
Mike Kamenish

Team VCT at 5:03:54
Mike Crawford
Carla Dearing
Erik Schultz
Dustin Tinnell
Amelia Dauer

Team "Return of Great Scott" at 5:04:54
Dave King
Scott Kuchenbrod
John Pyron
Susan Pyron

Team "Belgian Bike Racers" at 5:07:54
Tim Chilton
Scott Binzer
Bill Dolan (non-LBC member)

Team "Masked Avenger and Side-Kick" at 5:07:54
Matt Tinal
Jason Willis

Solo at 5:10:54
Steve Meredith

Solo at 5:10:54
Susan Howell

Stage 3 was washed out so the next stage is Saturday, May 11th.
Hope everybody had a good ride,
Mike Kamenish 2013 TMD Director


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