Stage 10 Update

07 Aug 2013 7:58 PM | Michael Kamenish
Stage 10 Sink or Swim Century to Carrollton, KY

Stage Winner: Perry Finley
Draw Bonus: Regular Weight (Men 150-199#) (Women 120-149#) good for 1 minute

Finishing Groups:
Stage Winner Group @ 5:02:42
Perry Finley (solo)

Team "Looking good from the back" group of 17 @ 5:04:42
Ford Barr
Connie Stacy
Dustin Tinnell
Joe Lobred
Jim Moore
Kirk Roggenkamp
Cathy Hill
Bob Grable
Stephen Dunsford
Nate Callaway
Larry Preble
Nita Bernat
Gail Blevins
Bob Knaster
Steve Maurer
Jody Patterson
Mike Kamenish

Group of 5 @ 5:05:42
Steve Rice
Melissa Hall
Mark Rougeux
Dave King
Randy Davis

Group of 4 @ 5:06:42
Steve Meredith
Andy Murphy
Ron Oliver
Jim Fisher

3 Groups of 3 @ 5:07:42
Team Powerful Stuff
Scott Binzer
Tim Chilton
Julie Lerner

Team 3 Amigos
Paul Battle
Mike Crawford
Amelia Dauer

Group of 3
Missy Thompson
Liz Cull
Larry Marko

4 Groups of 2 @ 5:09:42
Matt Tinal
Jason Willis

Charlie Bird
Robin Reams

Brooks Hillenbrand
Connie Hillenbrand

John Pyron
Susan Pyron

1 Solo finisher @ 5:12:42
Dirk Gowin

As for the weight bonus, here is who I have given it to:
Connie Stacy, Larry Marko, Dave King, Matt Tinal, John & Susan Pyron, Kirk Roggenkamp, Nate Callaway, Dustin Tinnell, Mike Kamenish, Jason Willis, Charlie Bird, Dirk Gowin, Joe Lobred, Jim Moore.

Anyone else needs to contact me.

Mike Kamenish
2013 TMD Tour Director


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