High Bridge Century Group Results

23 Sep 2013 8:33 PM | Michael Kamenish
Stage Winner: Andy Murphy as a solo finisher. Draw bonus: Stage winner group gets 1 minute bonus.
Stage Winner time of 5:24:18

Group of 9 team " Dustin's Loose Booty Brigade" @ 5:26:18
Larry Marko, Liz Cull, Steve Meredith, Kirk Roggenkamp, Cathy Hill, Dick Rauh, Ford Barr, Connie Stacy, Dusti Tinnell.

Group of 5 team "Ridin' the storm out" @ 5:27:18
Perry Finley, Steve Montgomery, Steve Royse, Kelly McGill, Keith Baldwin

Group of 5 team "5 guys and a flat" @ 5:27:18
Ron Oliver, Steven Dunsford, Bob Grable, Nate Callaway, Jim Moore

Group of 4 @ 5:28:18
Matt Tinal, Mark Rougeux, Melissa Hall, Scott Kuchenbrod

Group of 2 @ 5:31:18
Steve Rice, Susan Howell

Solo @ 5:34:18
Mark Whelchel


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