Two Bridges Century Group Results

23 Sep 2013 8:48 PM | Michael Kamenish
Stage Winner Timothy Stephen @ 5:46:48 Draw Bonus (Age) 25-59 years of age gets 1 minute bonus

Stage Winner group team "Dos Burros" @ 5:47:48
Ted King

Group of 8 @ 5:48:48
Dave King, John Pyron, Susan Pyron, Dustin Tinnell, Steve Montgomery, Carla Dearing, Nate Callaway, Connie Stacy

Group of 3 @ 5:51:48
Steve Meredith, Randy Davis, Thomas Nance

Group of 2 @ 5:53:48
Tim Chilton, Matt Tinal

Group of 2 @ 5:53:48
Mark Rougeux
Keith Baldwin

Solo @ 5:56:48
Larry Preble

I counted everyone receiving the 25-59 yr old draw bonus except:
Nate Callaway, Dustin Tinnell, Mark Rougeux, Larry Preble.
If I'm wrong on the ages, let me know.


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