Lawrenceburg Loop results

16 Apr 2014 7:39 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)

TMD Stage #3 results

Lawrenceburg Loop (Sunday 4/13/2014)

Distance = 98 miles, Moderate difficulty

Random drawing = backpack (let me know if you had a backpack)

Stage winner:  Carson Torpey= 4:53:00

Ten Against the Wind: time = 4:54:00

Nancy King

Jim Moore

Kirk Roggenkamp

Cathy Hill

Tray Wright

Nate Callaway

Lise Andreasen

Alison Torpey

Ron Oliver

Team of Ten: time = 4:55:00

Larry Preble

Nita Bernat

Charlie Bird

Mike Jenkins

Steven Dunsford

Bob Grable

Steve Montgomery

Joe Lobred

Mike Kamenish

Gail Blevins

Quack-Zillas!: time = 4:57:00

Melissa Hall

Mike Fredek

Thomas Nance

Eric Graf


Spigot Lickers: time = 4:58:00

Tim Chilton

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Julie Lerner

Tainto Vento Veloce: time = 5:00:00

Jason Seiber

Mike Barr

Steve Royse time = 5:03:00

Steve Royse


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