Best of Bluegrass results

05 Aug 2014 4:48 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)

Stage winner was Ron Oliver   Stage winner time was 5:09:00

Bonus was "Age under 24" - no riders were eligible

Stage winner group "Four Thorns and a Rose!"  Time = 5:10:00

Alison Torpey

Carson Torpey

Joe Lobred

Steve Rice

Group of Seven  Time = 5:11:00

Thomas Nance

Melissa Hall

Carla Dearing

Vince Livingston

Mike Kamenish

Bob Grable

Steve Dunsford

"Lightning Bolts"  Time = 5:13:00

Gail Blevins

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Cathy Hill

Troy Wright

Captain's  Group

Mark Rougeux  (5:11:00)

Ted King  (5:16:00)

Wet But Not Wild"  Time = 5:16:00

Michale Crawford

Amelia Dauer

Group of Two  Time = 5:16: 00

Robin Reams

Charlie Bird

Solos   Time = 5:19:00

David Jackson

Dave Ingram

If I missed anyone, let me (or Susan) know for corrections

Next stage is "Hot Sink or Swim" this Sunday in Westport, Ky 


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