Sink or Swim Century results

12 Aug 2014 8:53 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)
Please let me know if you had fenders or a rack on your bike.  I looked through the photos Larry posted and remembered some fenders but I am sure I missed some.


Sink or Swim Century results
TDM Stage #16
Bonus is Fenders or Rack (2 minutes)

Stage winner: Angie Fredell (5:06) (bonus -2min)
Thomas Nance (5:07) (bonus -2min)
Jonathan Lichtsteiner (5:07) (bonus -2min)
Gail Blevins (5:07)
John W Murner (5:07)
Robert Grimes (5:07)
Mike Fredell (5:07)(bonus -2min)
Susan Pyron (5:07)
John Pyron (5:07)
Michael Kamenish (5:07)

7 Riders and 1 Dufus
Larry Preble (5:08)
Lise Andreasen (5:08)
Michael Crawford (5:08) (bonus -2min)
Amela Dauer (5:08)
Ted King (5:08)
Kirk Roggenkamp (5:08)
Cathy Hill (5:08)
Dave Ingram (5:08)

Sweaty Sweathogs
Alison Torpey (5:10)
Carson Torpey (5:10)
Nancy King (5:10)
Mike Jenkins (5:10)

Team of 3
Steve Rice (5:11) (bonus -2min)
Melissa Hall (5:11) (bonus -2min)
David R King (5:11) (bonus -2min)

Steamed Not Fried
Perry Finley (5:13) (bonus -2min)
Kelly McGill (5:13) (bonus -2min)

Teams of 2
Carla Dearing (5:13)
Erik Shultz (5:13)

Glen Francisco
Thomas Francisco (age 12) - his first century

Single finisher
David Jackson (5:16)



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