TMD 2015 Stage 1 results (Urbane)

19 Jan 2015 10:03 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)

Results for TMD Stage1 - Urbane results Jan 18, 2015

Let me know if you are eligible for the bonus


Weight: (Super) 220 lbs and over, Women 170 lbs and over = 2 min

Stage Winner: Mike Kaufman (4:51)
Stage Winning Team (5 dogs and 3 pups) (4:52)
Bekki Livingston
Joan Wood
Tim McConnell - bonus
Susan Pyron
Cathy Hill
Kirk Roggenkamp
Nita Bernat

Team of 9 (4:53)
Steve Meredith - bonus
Tony Darnell
Jonathan Lichtsteiner
Gail Blevins
Robert Grimes
Amelia Dauer
David King
Jim Moore
Dustin Tinnel

Team of 4 (4:55)
Perry Finley
Tim Chilton
Kevin Williams
Dave Bennett

Frictionless (4:58)
Wess Waren
Kim Stanton

Single Double (4:58)
Jody Patterson
Steve Maurer

Team Black Ice
Thomas Nance (5:01)

att Lahm (5:01)


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