TMD Stage 7 results

19 May 2015 10:28 PM | John Pyron (Administrator)

The results for TMD Stage #7 are below.  There were a couple of items that looked incorrect on the sign in sheet so I made some assumptions, let me know if they are wrong

1) A Susan and Dennis signed in with Jeff White.  They did not provide last names so I could not check to see if they were members so I assumed they were not and gave Jeff a single finisher result. Response: They signed into the ride as non members.

2) John Murner, Vince Livingston and Dustin Tinell all signed in on the same section but there names were each 2 lines apart so I gave them each single finisher results.

**Note  I have not received the stage 6 results, the current standings will be sent out once they are received.  

Results for "Daves Frankfort Century" stage #7

Stage Winner: Steve Rice 4:55 - bonus

Bonus: Stage winner gets 1 minute

Kelly's Heros (4:57)

Perry Finley

Kelly McGill

Keith Baldwin

Bob Grable

Scott E Hoback

Sara Collins

Steve Montgomery

Team of 7 (4:57)

Randall Davis

Jonathan Litchsteiner

Melissa Hall

Paul Battle

Amelia Dauer

Robert Grimes

Lyn Roberts

Kirks Don't Quit (4:59)

Matt Lahm

Kirk Engle

Kirk Roggenkamp

Cathy Hill

The Wobey Wafs (4:59)

Bekki Livingston

Mike Kaufman

Joan Wood 

Tim McConnell

Other Lost Half (5:00)

Steve Meredith

Missy Thompson

David King - ride captain (4:57)

team of 2 (5:02)

Larry Preble

Nita Bernat

1/2 Lost (5:02)

Gail Bevins

Dave Dilard

All single finishers get (5:05)

Off The Front

Mark Zaconne

Top of The Hill

Jeff White

Susan -no last name assuming not a member

Dennis  no last name assuming not a member

Tim Chilton

Vertically Challenged

Mike Kamenish

John Murner

Vince Livingston

Dustin Tinell


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