TMD stage 13 results

12 Jul 2015 9:25 PM | John Pyron

TMD stage 13 results

Dishonest Abe

Bonus: TMD Rookie 1 minute

Stage Winner: Tony Darnell (5:00)

Stage winning group (5:01)

Troy Wright

Lise Andreasen

Amelia Dauer

Johnathan Lichtsteiner

Bruce Kearns

Ron Oliver

Nancy King

Cathy Hill

Joan Wood

Kirk Roggenkamp

Wet, Hot and Lost

Tim McConell (5:07)

Susan Pyron (rc) 5:02)

Team of 3 (5:05)

Jeff White

Gail Blevins

Dave King

Single finishers: (5:10)

Thomas Nance

Team Only Me: Larry Preble

Jim Moore


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