TMD Stage 15 results

09 Aug 2015 9:51 PM | John Pyron
TMD Stage 15 results

The Best of the Bluegrass

Bonus: Stage winning group 1 minute

Stage winner: Kevin Williams (4:59)

Stage winning team: (5:00) and Bonus

Tim Chilton

Julie Lerner

Mike Kamenish

Kirsten Montreuil

Best of Bluegrass Chained Together (5:01)

Wes Warren

Kim Stanton

Lise Andreasen

Ron Oliver

Kirk Roggenkamp

Cathy Hill

Team of 6 (5:01)

Gail Blevin

Kirk Engle

Soren stig-nielsen

Jonathan Lichtstener

Steve Montgomery

Jeff White

Team of 4 (5:03)

Steve Mauer

Jody Patterson

Mark Rougeux

Missy Thompson

Team of 3 (5:04)

Lost and Bewordfrrd

Mike Crawford

Amelia Dauer

David Dillard

Team of 2 (5:06)

Vince Livingston

Bekki Livingston

Tem of 2 (5:06)

Joan Wood

Ford Barr

Team of 2 (5:06)

Nancy King

Troy Wright

Solo Finishers (5:09)

John Murner

Mark Whelchel

Matt Lahm

Tim McConnell

Jim Moore

Raney Self


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