Stage 16 results

18 Aug 2015 6:24 PM | John Pyron

TMD Stage 16 results

Buckner River Dance

Village People (4:59)

Stage Winner: Steve Maurer (4:58)

Sara Collins

Thomas Nance

Jody Patterson

Mike Kamenish

Dustin Tinnell

Team of 8 (5:00)

Bob Grable

Steven Dunsford

Mike Jenkins

Susan Pyron

John Pyron

Mike Fredell

Angie Fredell

Tony Darnell

Team of 5 (5:01)

Lise Andreason

Sorren Stig-Nielsen

Joan Wood

Jim Moore

Ford Barr

Lucky To Make it (5:01)

Missy Thompson

Larry Preble (rc) – (5:00)

Nita Bernat

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

4 of a kind (5:02)

Melissa Hall

Mike Crawford

Paul Battle

Amelia Dauer

Team of 3 (5:03)

Steve Montgomery

Gail Blevins

Troy Wright

Team of 2 (5:05)

Vince Livingston

John Murner

Free Ridin

Tim Chilton (5:08)

So far, So slow, Solo

Ron Oliver (5:08)

Solo (5:08)

Raney Self

Matt Lahm

Kirk Engle


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