Stage 11 (Salt River Ford Remix) Results

13 Jul 2011 7:03 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Saturday was Stage 11 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Salt River Ford (Remix) Century.

Fictional Ride Report:
Just past the midway point of the tour. We be traveling from Louisville to Lawrenceburg for the 7th time in tour history. The distance will be 130 miles=166 km and this distance will be similar to traveling from Saint-Quentin en Yvelines to Le Mans.  This will definitely be another stage for the sprinters with 4 category 4 climbs,3 of them coming after the feed zone and 2 category 3 climb before the feed zone.
 We start off this morning with a warm up through Fisherville onto 146. The race director pulls in the while flag and the race is on. While on 146 we cross into the Department of Shelby on our way to the District of Finchville, The region know for its open sky and agricultural maintenance. As we continue we make our way through Southville where there is no one to greet us but sprint points are available and it looks as if there is a challenge. I can't tell,wait a minute,Yes, it is "Meat" From team "Missing Link" taking the point.

A split has formed in the peleton with members from Team "Wanderer's" and "String Music" jumping in a breakaway.  Team "Beano" spots the attack and is quick to react. Up a Lumpy road known as Pea Ridge and our first Category 3 climb of the day. It looks as if this breakaway may succeed. We come up to the district of Harrisonville and there is a race to the marker and it is Jason from Team "Beano" in his first tour taking the prize. We continue to roll along Benson creek on our way to Hammonds creek for our second Category 3 climb of the day. On the climb there is an attack and it Sparky fresh off his tour of the east coast claiming the points.  There seem to be a chase group catching the front of the tour and a sizable breakaway is forming. We make our way up 62 for the first category 4 climb of the day. I can't tell if its uncontested or the other riders just can't keep up with Scout as he takes the points. We are on the outskirts of the Lawrenceburg.  This is the largest district of the department knwn as Anderson and is know for its beverage making of Bourbon. The tour gets to pass by one of its top producers "Four Roses". The distilling practices have been suspended due to the tour excessive heat but I assure you, When production is full on the smell is wonderful. Back to the tour and the riders are entering the feed zone. After some nutrition we are back on the road.

Heading out on 62 we hit our second category 4 climb of the day the same stretch of 62. We make our way over to Drydock where a challenging water crossing was made in the first tour of 2004. Luckily we won't have to go through that again this year but we notice some locals and their 4 legged friends frolicking in these same waters today. We roll through 44 an onto 395 where we find the third Category 4 climb of the day. Team "Whatever" is showing their power today and come over the climb in first and second place with "Puddle" and "Minner Dick" leading the tour. With a short rest we are on to the last Category 4 Climb of the day up the Colle du Tracy it is the yellow jerseys showing that they are no slouch taking the final plucky climb and the points.  We continue but now on the alternate route to the Waddy district and it appears there is a crash. No, Wait, its just a mechanical. It appear as if  the rear wheel of Bruce's machine has collapsed. Team members stop to assist and it is "Nate Dog" with the spare wheel that Bruce needs.

All riders are now through the Waddy district for the final 38 Km of the day.  These final kilometers are not very well protected from the elements and the heat of the day is ever present. Back through Southville and Finchville and these riders are really picking up the pace. These are hard riders and no amount of extreme temperatures are going to stop them today. The peleton has caught the breakaway just under the 1k banner The teams of "4 Hags and a Coach Bag" and "String Music" have come to the front to form the leadout train for their sprinters. It going to be close but it is second year tour Veteran Mike Jenkins edging out tour rookie Ted King.

Well what a fitting end to today's race. These Boys and Girls will definitely be looking forward to the upcoming rest weekend, but They can't rest to much with the longest weekend of the 2011 tour.

I have 33 riders listed as finishers.

The Stage Winner was Mike Jenkins for his 1st stage win, the Bonus was for "Regular Weight(Men 150-199 lbs, Women 120-149 lbs)" for 1 minute. That was awarded to the people who put regular weight on their registration forms or who have contacted me letting me know(14 people). I am not putting an (*) next to their name.
There is also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know off list and I will adjust your final time or let you know if it was awarded to you.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
103 miles

Stage Winner at 5:09:00

 Mike Jenkins

Stage Winning Group at 5:10:00 Team "String Music"

 Kim Stanton
 Bob Grable
 Stephen Dunsford
 Bruce Heichelbach
 Wes Warren
 Nathan Callaway

Group of 8 at 5:11:00 Team "4 Hags and a Coach Bag"

 Janice Theriot
 Cathy Hill
 Diane Bellafronto
 Susan Howell
 Kirk Roggenkamp
 Steve Rice
 David King
 Ted King

Group of 7 at 5:11:00 Team "Missing Link"

 Susan Pyron
 Nita Bernat
 Larry Preble
 Steve Montgomery
 Ted Niemann
 Steve Meredith
 John Pyron

Group of 3 at 5:14:00 "Team New Guys"

 Scott E Hoback (first MD Century?)
 Richard Hoopengardner (first MD Century?)
 Bryan Wectawski (first MD Century?)

Group of 2 at 5:16:00 "Team Beano"

 Matt Tinal
 Jason Willis

Group of 2 at 5:16:00 Team "Whatever"

 Melissa Hall
 Dick Rauh

Group of 2 at 5:16:00  Team "Wanderer's"

 Steve Sexton
 Mike Pitt

Solo "Almost Smashed Puppy" at 5:19:00

 Dave Combs

Solo "Team Onlyville" at 5:19:00

 Chris Quirey

Congradulations to Scott E Hoback, Richard Hoopengardner and Bryan Wectawski on their first MD Century

To be abandoned if they Don't do either Stage 12 or Stage 13
 Jody Patterson
 Steve Maurer
 Jim Moore

Susan,John Ted and Wes successfully got their name off the "to be abandon list"

Next Stages
This Weekend is a rest weekend for the tour. Time to either take it easy or some are attempting the "Rain" ride. Good luck to all this weekend.

Saturday July 23th
8:00 am – 8:00 am – 100 mi. #3+. Frankfort Century [TMD Stage #12]. Floyds Fork Park.

Sunday July 24th
7:00 am – #3, Tour DuPont [TMD Stage #13]. Starts at Charlestown Middle School, 8804 High Jackson Rd in Charlestown In, about 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. (I65 to In-62/In-265 toward Clark Maritime Ct, then exit 10B for In-62 East/E Highway 62 to Charlestown).

Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.

Ride Safe,
David King
2011 TMD Director


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