Stage 10 (Madison Century) Results

06 Jul 2011 7:08 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Saturday was Stage 10 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Madison Century.

Fictional Ride Report:
Welcome to the midway point of the tour. We be traveling to Madison for the 7th time in tour history and back. This distance will be similar to traveling from London to Cheltenham.  This will definitely be a stage for the sprinters with one category 3 hill at the beginning and one category hill just after the feed zone. We start off this morning with a warm up roll through a small portion of 42 call Prospect Point. We then head down Rose Island road where oddly enough I have never seen the island. The race director pulls in the while flag and the race is on. A small breakaway attempts to form but is quickly thwarted by an attentive peleton as the yellow jerseys think they can escape.  Once brought back into the fold, another breakaway forms just before the assent of the Plateau de Goshen. Once atop the plateau the peleton re gathers except for the two escape artist, one from team "Aling" and one from "Georgia Peaches". As the back of the tour closes in on the peleton we see a rider on the side of the road. Oh, Nooo Its Sheblvillian Wes in his first tour. He appears to have something wrong with his machine. The rough roads of the plateau have claimed his rear wheel. Oh, well the service vehicle should be long shortly to ready him for the rest of the tour.  Another 1 KM and we have another machine on the side of the road. It appears as if Susan has ripped her back wheel to shreds. The power this rider creates from the 54 tooth chain ring must have been just too much for the wheel to take. It appears as if a teammate is heading back to the service vehicle to ready her for the next stage. We are all hoping these riders can rejoin the tour, only time will tell. We jump forward to Villa Bedford for an early sprint and it appears ,Yes, The sprint was taken by The "Internet Sensation".  It is a short ride to the feed zone from here and a good feed zone it is.
Across the border to the burg of Madison where the locals have come out to cheer and celebrate in the most exciting weekend of the year for this town. With full on fair food, a watercraft race, an aerial show and the TMD the town is chock full of spectators. After feeding and a visit to one of the regions candy shops the riders are on there way back up the cole de Milton. There is a challenge for the hill points and it is , Yes, white jersey, Matt who has collected the prize. And what is this, It appear the Yellow jerseys are struggling up the cole. The may be cracking but there is a long way to the finish.
    As we come back through Villa Bedford we fast approach our second sprint point at the Chateau Sligo. Wait where is Cathy, Did she stop at Bray's as she mentioned she might do? This left the door wide open for former winner from team "Loose Screws" Janice to take the points.
  20 k to go and the Peleton has reformed and has its sights on the breakaway. They are 1:20 seconds ahead and have plenty of time to catch them as they. 15 k to go and the breakaway is in Skylight. with the peleton one minute behind. 10 k to go and Down off the plateau de Goshen is the Peleton. The breakaway is in sight. 1 km to go and the breakaway has been caught. Up to the line and its a fight between Tim of team "Georgia Peaches" and Kim from "Loose screws". But out of nowhere its Timothy from Team "26" capping off an excellent stage tour with his 3rd stage win in his rookie tour season. Congratulations Timothy! Join us next time for Stage 11, "The Salt river Ford".

I have 33 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Timothy Stephen for his 3rd stage win of his rookie season, the Bonus was for "Tandems" for 1 minute. That was awarded to the people with the (*) next to their name.
There is also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
95.6 miles

Stage Winner at 4:46:48

Timothy Stephen

Stage Winning Group at 4:47:48 Team "26"

Diane Bellafronto (First TMD Century)
David King

Group of 6 at 4:48:48 "4 Dawgs & 2 Katz"

Nita Bernat *
Carla Dearing
Larry Preble *
Steve Sexton
Mark Rougeux
Chris Quirey

Team "Loose Screws" at 4:48:48

Janice Theriot
Cathy Hill
Kim Stanton
Kirk Roggenkamp
Steve Montgomery
Bob Grable
Stephen Dunsford
Mike Jenkins
Nick Yates

Group of 3 at 4:51:48 Team "Crampy"

Allison Dobbs *
Rick Croslin *
Ron Dobbs

Group of 3 at 4:51:48 Team "Aling"

Bill Pustow
Matt Tinal
Steve Rice

Group of 3 at 4:51:48 Team "Tres Athletes"

Lise Andreasen
Dave Combs
John Larson

Group of 3 at 4:51:48 Team "Georga Peaches"

Julie Lerner
Tim Chilton
Craig Dooley

Group of 3 at 4:53:48 Team "Three for the road"

Kelly McGill
Perry Finley
Souhan ?

 Susan Pyron
 John Pyron
 Wes Warren

Chris Salsman
Ben Meredith
Vicky Dobbs
I have included the to be abandon list for stages 12 and 13 since they are on the yearly Double TMD Century Weekend.

"To Be Abandoned" list for stage 11

Ted Niemann
John Pyron
Susan Pyron


To be abandoned if they Don't do either Stage 11 or Stage 12
Susan Howell
Dick Rauh
Steve Meredith
Wes Warren
Bruce Heichelbach

To be abandoned if they Don't do either Stage 11 or Stage 12 or Stage 13

Jody Patterson
Jason Willis
Steve Maurer
Jim Moore

Also If Wes Warren , John Pyron or Susan Pyron DNF in their next attempt they will be considered abandoned as per the rules

Next Stages

This Sunday
8:00 am – 100 mi., #4. Salt River Ford Century (TMD Stage #11). Floyd's Fork Park.

Saturday July 23th
8:00 am – 8:00 am – 100 mi. #3+. Frankfort Century [TMD Stage #12]. Floyds Fork Park.

Sunday July 24th
7:00 am – #3, Tour DuPont [TMD Stage #13]. Starts at Charlestown Middle School, 8804 High Jackson Rd in Charlestown In, about 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. (I65 to In-62/In-265 toward Clark Maritime Ct, then exit 10B for In-62 East/E Highway 62 to Charlestown).

Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.

Ride Safe,
David King
2011 TMD Director


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