Stage 9 (Pottershop Century) Results

29 Jun 2011 7:09 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Sunday was Stage 9 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Pottershop Century. I would like to thank Ford Barr for making sure we all got back safe.

Ride Report:
The ride is a nice route that encompasses mostly parts of the OKHT routes first day. Rain early in the morning and clouds through most of the day kept the temperatures seasonably cool. This did not keep people from dressing with just jerseys to people with jackets as well. I don't exactly remember it raining but I do remember the brakes not working as if it were dry. We start out the day heading out to Fairfield where Ford informs us that it is the town yard sale day. Boy, I hope I can find a school yearbook with Sparky in it. We leave Floyds Fork and go up the familiar 155 hill and onto Routt road. We ride it out to the end and continue the ohkt route to Fairfield. We get to Lilly Pike and the first group has stopped to watch Scout fix a flat. While in awe of this special occasion riders show up and except for a few that went ahead we paitently wait. Flat gets fixed and were one our way. We get about a half mile from the end of Lilly Pike and we have another flat. Turns out its Scout again. After more inspection turns out to be a non related flat. This is good news and we hop back on the bikes and head into Fairfield. While Stopped at Joy's we notice the tents set up across the street and my eyes behold a terrific site. Grills! A few of us wander over and find out there will be a cookout as well with fried chicken, pork chops and catfish. At this point a few of us decide this is a better alternative to the usual Arby's(no offense but, a cookout, come on a jamoca shake is no match for that) and I begin to anticipate our return back through Fairfield more than usual.
We leave Fairfield and head along Wilkerson, Plum Ridge and Irish Ridge. While getting close to the end of Irish Ridge we come across a group just getting started after the one of the new guys had a flat. Good to see that the group didn't leave him out there on his own. This shocks and delights me. Where is the unwritten rule that we don't talk to the new people for two years. At this point we got a big group of riders to head down 162 and then to Pottershop Road and Bardstown.  The pace of the ride is slowed down a bit and breaks in the group occur once on Pottershop. On a personal side note, isn't it amazing how a curve in the road looks pretty straight when your going through it at half speed. We make it through Pottershop and the heaviness of the hardest part of this ride is over. Most of the group decide to stop at Arby's while a few continue to Fairfield just 10 miles or so away. While riding up 31E the headwind picks up. When I realize the wind isn't as strong as I think it is I realize, I'm bonkin'! Not a good feeling on a bike but with the help of an endurolyte, a shot of gel and a pack of Beer Nuts the power in my legs return. Now the questions begin. Catfish? Pork Chops? We roll back into Fairfield. The crowd has picked up. The car show has formed the horse rides have begun, but more importantly, The lunch line is open! Matters are complicated when we see Ribs on the menu. Decisions? Decisions? Most of us go with the Pork chop and a couple of sides. Good Choice. Nothing like a fried porkchop to fuel the body and soul. What to for dessert? Diesel reminds me of the Country Pantry ice cream sandwiches and our next goal is set. We leave Faifield as the Arby's crew pulls in.
Heading back to Lilly Pike the blood starts to leave the stomach and return to the legs. Or maybe the aerobic effort just thinned the grease out of the blood. At the end of Lilly Pike, On the quest for ICS we pick up a couple of riders, and inform them of our plan. One rider, who shall remain nameless, is a decent climber, but after the talk about ICS he moves fast up Garbage Hill. I figure Rider just wants to get up the hill but then Rider picks up the pace on the flats to the Country Pantry. I roll into the Pantry and find out Rider has past Diesel in order to get to the ICS. It is amazing how a little thing such as the waiting Big Ice Cream Sandwich can give you super human strength. Geez! I thought I wanted an ICS bad. (Blue Bunny Mississippi Mud, Vanilla and Double Strawberry were available) As I'm eating my Double Strawberry gift from the gods I fail to notice the other two riders at the store. We all chat for a little bit and the Arbys crew shows up. After dessert we leave as a group.
We roll through through Dawson Hill,Echo Trail and Thurman to get back to Routt. At this point we are pretty happy that the rest of the ride is mostly downhill. and from the Carnage that the hill on Thurman put on the group, Some are more happy than others. We coast down 155 and back to the park for the completion of a good days ride. All riders made it back to the park safe, as far as I can tell and most seed in good spirits. Its hard not to feel good after a relatively cool day on the bike.

I have 19 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Stephen Dunsford for his first stage win of his rookie season, the Bonus was for "TMD Veteran" for 1 minute. That was awarded to the people with the (*) next to their name.
There is also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
96.4 miles

Stage Winner at 4:49:30

Stephen Dunsford

Stage Winning Group at 4:50:30 "2 Roses and 11 thorns"
Nita Bernat *
Carla Dearing
Mike Kamenish *
Timothy Stephen
Bob Grable *
Mike Jenkins *
Larry Preble *
David King *
Matt Tinal
Steve Sexton *
Ted King
Ian Ramsey (First Mad dog Ride)

Team "14" at 4:53:30
Lise  Andreasen
Dave Combs *
Nathan Callaway *
Ford Barr * (4:51:30)

Team "B" at 4:56:30
Melissa Hall *
Steve Rice *

Teresa Ledbetter
Todd Chism

"To Be Abandoned" list for stage 10

Ron Dobbs
Chris Salsman
Ben Meredith
Kim Stanton
Vicky Dobbs
Allison Dobbs

on deck to be abandoned if they Don't do either Stage 10 or Stage 11
Tim Chilton
Ted Niemann
John Pyron
Susan Pyron
Kelly McGill

Next Stages

This Saturday

Saturday, July 2
7:30 am – 60/100 mi. #3. Madison Century [TMD Stage #10]. Prospect Point Shopping Center.
Next Sunday
8:00 am – 100 mi., #4. Salt River Ford Century (TMD Stage #11). Floyd's Fork Park.

Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.

Ride Safe,
David King
2011 TMD Director


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