Stage 7 (Green River Century) Results

16 Jun 2011 7:12 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Sunday was Stage 7 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Green River Century.

Ride Report:
Another good day in Campbellsville. Seems like the weather for this ride is always decent, never perfect but never terrible, and today was no different. The good new of the morning was that Janice was back after her earlier spill .We start off be leaving Campbellsville by passing the "Druthers" (yes, the former burger queen,its still here, at least) and taking a right turn and quickly leaving the city.
 With nice rolling terrain and two long downhills but only one uphill that I can remember, the group stays mostly together. Along with the hills we go past the Barren lake Dam and spillways. This first leg seemed to go by to fast, probably because the path to the first stop in Knifley was mostly done on fairly new roads. We were greeted by 2 very nice ladies who politely filled our water bottles while we waited in line.
 We get back on the road and I immediately start climbing. I guess thats why I only remember one uphill to the store. This was a short 15 mile stretch that has some entertainment 14.5 miles into it when a puppy decided to chase us and would not give up. we all stopped and one rider carried the puppy back to the puppy's home(?). If you hear police reports from amish in Mannsville KY saying a guy in funny clothes opened up their door and threw a dog in I may know who that was. On a side note puppy have the same look as dogs in cars when they are being carried on a bike.To the dogs credit this did not deter him when I hear the dog showed up at the store in Mannsville.
 As the ride continues we hit this short steep hill. which hampers our pace for a bit but it is worth it because of one of my favorite downhills in Kentucky is coming up.  I really like this course because of the long fairly straight open stretches and the one awesome technical downhill. Its not very often you get to ride on a 1.7 miles road and never have to pedal in these here parts. Finally, we get to the hill which was a lot further down the road than I remember (KY 289,Marion county border). So many curves,so much banking and one curve seemed to last for about 200 degrees. It was like riding on a roller coaster definitely had to get those inside pedals up to avoid a pedal hit. Probably used up all this years dance moves getting down that hill. After we turn off the road we get on our last stretch to the lunch stop. Ride along the edge of a beautiful flat valley. I run out of water about a mile from the store and actually got an offer from shirtless dude hanging out in his carport. I respectfully declined and ride the next half mile to the store. We arrive at the St. Joe Grocery and its packed with cyclist and local and 2 poor souls working the grill and register. If your ever there might I suggest the Cheeseburger. Its a good one.
 After a lengthy stay we are back on the road for the last thirty miles. Shortly down the road we roll through Raywick past the Biker Bar. Just going through that town reminds me of Astro. Miss you Mark, hopefully we will see you some time this year. Now on to the last major climb of the day. The beautiful climb up to the horseshoe bend overlook. When I arrive at the over look I'm greeted by a lady making water, tailgater style, right in front of the overlook. You never know what your gonna see on a bike ride.  Luckily, after my vision returned I was able to look down in the valley below. I fear my eyesight had been permanently damaged by the welcoming committee when everything appeared hazy but others confirmed it was in fact hazy.  After a regrouping we of again stopping at a church along the way to fill up water bottles and cleanse our demons. Good thing we filled up because the next 18 miles were filled with challenging roller and short steeps but the time just seemed to fly by. Hope we get to do this ride next year as well.

Thanks to Jim Moore Captaining us on the Ride and giving us a very detailed cuesheet. I have 31 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Cathy Hill and the Bonus was for "Fixie ofr Single speed" . No one got the Bonus. If I am wrong let me know.
There is also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
96.5 miles

Stage Winner at 4:48:00

Cathy Hill

Stage Winning Group at 4:49:00 "Robinless Group"

Lise  Andreasen
Ford Barr
Kirk Roggenkamp
Jim Moore

Team "Soul Train" at 4:50:00

Melissa Hall
Rick Croslin
Steve Meredith
Nita Bernat
Carla Dearing
Larry Preble
Dick Rauh
Wes Warren
Nate Calloway
Mark Rougeux
John Larson
Bruce Heichelbach

Team "BBC -Baptized with Beer in Campbellsville" at 4:50:00

Susan Howell
Steve Rice
Steve Maurer
Jody Patterson
Mike Kamenish
Steven Dunsford
Bob Grable
David King

Team "Elvis' Backup Band" at 4:52:00  (I gotta hear this one)

Chris Quiry
Matt Tinal
Jason Willis
Rich Spencer

Team "Dynamic Duo" at 4:55:00

Janice Theriot aka Batman
Steve Montgomery aka Robin

Mike Pitt
Ed Gootee

Janice and Bruce successfully got of the abandon list with a completion of stage Seven
and Jody and Steve completed this stage as well to prevent them from DNF'ing 2 in  a row and being abandoned

"To Be Abandoned" list for stage 8

Teresa Ledbetter
Todd Chism

Next Stages

This Saturday Stage 8

Saturday, June 18
6:00 am – 140 mi. #4. Danville Century Plus (TMD Stage 8). Spencer County High School, located in Taylorsville, Ky., at the intersection of KY 44 and KY 55. RC:David R. King 500-7351

Next Sunday

Sunday, June 26
8:00 am – 100 mi. #3+. Pottershop Century [TMD Stage #9]. Floyds Fork Park. RC: Ford Barr 396-9833

Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.


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