Stage 6 (Bethlehem Century for Medora) Results

07 Jun 2011 7:14 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Saturday 5-28 was Stage 6 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
Bethlehem (Replaced Medora due to flooding).

Ride Report:
 Friday night our Captain was smart enough to check and found out that Medora was flooded. She was ready with an alternate route to Bethlehem. This route could be considered a little more challenging than Medora but still very entertaining and you get a little better break at the end of the ride.
 The day started out promising with temps in the mid 60's. A little cool at the beginning but compared to the previous stage a lot more comfortable. The question remained would it stay that way. The ride started out very spirited, probably due to the best riding conditions of any stage this year. Rolling through Southern Indiana with times of chills and times of bliss we arrived at the first stop. I could not tell how long we had been riding but this leg of the trip seemed to go very fast and we were a nice sized group of 8-10 when we arrived. The good temperatures seemed to make the ride easier but our rabbit kept teasing us to catch him, and we did. This gave you great feeling moving fast, feeling good and getting a good workout all at the same time. Turns out our captain probably had a spirited ride as well when she backtracked 3-4 miles to find some riders that were having issues. Upon confirmation of our pace at the first store and feeling the temps would not remain nice a few of us decided to back off for our second leg of the trip to Hanover.
  This comfortable pace was not to last though. Our small group rolled through Bethlehem and started out assent out of the river valley when what do be see up the hill but a couple of out fellow Mad Dogs. This started a chase. This hill is a formidable hill but the combination of chasing and trying not to be caught made this hill seem short. Before we knew it we were at the top of the hill. We resume a comfortable pace and after a missed turn and a flat stretch on the plateau we see our rabbit again with a few others. The temps were still cool and we were running a section with 90 degree turns of alternating tailwind and crosswind. Feeling the Dogs need to chase we picked up the pace and caught our rabbits group. We remained together until Hanover but this was no small feat. The closer we got the more playful we got. The rabbit decided to try and mix things up a bit. This dog chased because He knew we had a break in a couple of miles but some of the others chased just because. Upon reaching Hanover half our group stopped a the always friendly Subway(eat fresh) and some decided to kept going to an alternate lunch stop about 15 miles down the road in Deputy.
 Noting the amount of water left and feeling that our pace might slow a bit three others and I decide to continue. This turned out to be a good call. The temps seemed to cool down a bit probably due to the easier pace and shady parts on this leg of the journey and we got to relax following the creek along deputy pike. I even had enough breath to chuckle when we crossed a bridge that use to remind us to do something "Everday".  We arrive at deputy and stop at the grocery for lunch. Turned out to be a very fine choice. With a grilled ham and swiss, Funyuns and a strawberry shake this was one happy dog. Thumbs up on the lunch. Next time, The burger gets its judgement. Back on the bike and off to Scottsburg. With the effects of the Shake and still relatively cool temps I notice goose bumps. While on our way to Scottsburg I notice we are also getting caught by another group. Turns out it's the other dogs we ran into Hanover with. With the food digesting/digested here we go again. We seem to make it there pretty fast and discussion start about possibly going on but luckily a few voices of reason urge us to stop. We decide to check a radar since there were some very dark cloud in front of us. Turns out that's all it was, just dark clouds.
 We take off one at a time from the store and group up in a couple of small groups. With the combination of the front group eventually slowing, the rabbit taking off again and the back group speeding up we re gather , minus the rabbit. Knowing the rabbit is out there by himself we crest the second to last hill on Bloomington trail. What's great about this section is you can really get moving till you get to the last lil' hill. While frolicking in this little fast section we lose one of our riding partners and another mentions, "Oh, Yea, he was cramping up." Upon finding out this information we ease up a bit to make sure he's ok. While easing up find our rabbit and our straggler gets back to the group. With a "If you, don't mind, I'd rather not stop." from out straggler we continue our ride back to the park at a nice relaxed pace. All in all a great day for a ride with temps ranging from mid 60's to 78 degrees. It's about time we had weather like this. Hope everyone else had a good ride.

Thanks to Melissa Hall for captaining. I have 28 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Larry Preble and the Bonus was for "Steel Frames". There was no difficulty bonus for this stage. If you see an (*) by your name I have you listed for the bonus. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.
Looks like we will have some movement on the podium. Results to come later after I get the bonus adjusted.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
98.5 miles

Stage Winner at 4:55:30

Larry Preble

Stage Winning Group at 4:56:30  "Mothership 9"
Nita Bernat
Susan Pyron
Nate Callaway
Ted Niemann
John Pyron
Steve Sexton
Steve Montgomery
Michael Lowe

Team "Beans and Franks" at 4:57:30
Matt Tinal
Jason Willis
Tim Chilton
David King *
Steve Rice *
Chris Quiry
Art Kesler
Steve Meredith

Team "Full house,King over Jacks" at 4:58:30
Ted King
Timothy Stephen
Ford Barr
Rick Croslin
Jim Moore *

Team "Carbone Cruisers" at 5:30:30
Kelly McGill
Wes Warren
Perry Finley

Team "Welcome Back" at 5:30:30
Melissa Hall (4:57:30)
Dick Rauh
Paul Battle
Steve Maurer
Jody Patterson

The dreaded to be abandoned list. These people will be considered abandoned if they do not complete the 7th Stage:
Mike Pitt
Bruce Heichelbach
Ed Gootee
Janice Theriot

Also if your last attempt was a DNF please make sure you and your bike are ready to finish the next time you come to ride of you could also be considered abandoned. There are 4 people in this category
Teresa Ledbetter
Janice Theriot
Jody Patterson
Steve Maurer

Next Stage Sunday 6/12/2011
8:00 am – 53/97 mi. #4. Green River Century [TMD Stage #7]. A beautiful tour of south-central Kentucky, passing and crossing Green River Lake and on through Taylor, Adair, Casey, and Marion counties. Starts in Campbellsville at C’ville Univ.’s Heilman Student Complex. RC: Jim “Grizzly” Moore,, cell: 270-469-6407, Cancellation due to weather will be announced on the KyCyList; please call if in doubt.
General Classification
Mens podium changed, The white jesey moved right up behind the Yellow Jersey
Womens podium changed with a former Champion moving into second place.

(*) denotes White jersey eligible

Women's Division
0:00:00 Nita Bernat
0:53:00 Melissa Hall
1:15:30 Jody Patterson
1:19:00 Carla Dearing *
1:19:00 Cathy Hill
1:24:30 Susan Pyron
1:39:46 Teresa Ledbetter *
1:41:38 Janice Theriot
1:43:30 Kim Stanton *
1:44:00 Lisa  Andreasen *
1:52:30 Kelly McGill *
2:09:30 Susan Howell
2:10:30 Vicky Dobbs
2:12:30 Allison Dobbs

Men's Division
0:00:00 Larry Preble
0:10:37 Ted King *
0:27:03 Mike Kamenish
0:28:37 Timothy Stephen *
0:31:37 David R.King
0:57:24 Jason Willis *
0:58:10 Matt Tinal *
0:58:37 Steve Rice
1:03:37 Chris Quirey
1:03:42 Tim Chilton
1:18:37 Steve Montgomery
1:19:07 Steve Maurer *
1:22:07 Bob Grable
1:22:37 Kirk Roggenkamp
1:22:50 Ted Niemann *
1:24:07 Perry Finley
1:25:07 Ford Barr
1:25:37 Steve Sexton
1:27:07 Rick Croslin
1:27:07 Dick Rauh
1:29:07 John Pyron
1:37:07 Jim Moore
1:48:07 Dave Combs
1:49:07 John Larson *
1:49:41 Nathan Callaway *
1:50:09 Steve Meredith
1:52:07 Wes Warren *
2:10:55 Ron Dobbs
2:12:07 Ed Gootee
2:13:07 Bruce Heichelbach
2:14:07 Mark Rougeux
2:14:07 Todd Chism *
2:14:37 Lynn Roberts
2:14:37 Soren Stig-Melsen *
2:15:07 Mike Jenkins
2:15:07 Chris Salsman *


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